Apr. 17, 2020

CHiMYSTICSM / semitism


nor was he ABrAM of Ham according to these Hamites who are trying to steal our hebritage.

ABrAM of Shem would have been better because he was of the lineage wrongfully again called as “Shem”which originally was CHim/CHime meaning My God/Creator in root Hebrewism, infact His full name was “ABiAMa” Chimere-eze Okigbo! shorten as (ABiAM*... n’iGBO) (ABrAM* ...the Hebrew: Genesis 14:13). These are the people who where named after their God remember.

Before continuing with this CHi-name, let us see our other Hebrew patriarchs with jabbed names.

Most people who claim to be Hebrews  don't know that aDaM(oDuM) down to Shem(CHime) were all ancient people meaning Hebrews. Now oDuM(Lion) was corrupted into aDaM and the full name still means the very first Lion or Lion-king pronounced as oDuMeZe(aDaMeVe). Remember ancient Hebrews did not write with any vowels and the Hamites(kjews) have no right to invent any!

Your clue to decode this key is in the often allusions to iESUA as “the last aDaM and Lion of Judah”. Don’t worry about eve, the wife of oDuMEze had no publishe’d name in Hebrew oral traditions.

Now the word: “Chi/Chim/Chime” (which means: ‘My-Chi-My-Creator’ in a sense) was corrupted into “Shem” the brother of “Ham/kannan” ...of course, (the children of Nnaoha: father of all) also wrongly called Noah: see Genesis 9).

Beware this adjective “Semitic” was created by Europeans after reading about the prowess of the grand children of Chime(Shem) persons like ABiAMa(ABrAM*) who were no king but yet could best kings of standing nations in any conflict and emerge victorious hence the adjective ‘Shemitic/Semitic/CHiMystic’. The incredible family, tribe, people who could kill nations and their kings by simply invoking or trusting in the name of their God “CHi” hence the phrase “CHi+Mystic”; “CHi” being the official hidden cognomen of the God of ancient Hebrews Heeboos Hibos Ibos Igbos!

Now don‘t get confused here. CHi or (YHi/JHi) has been from then till now the name of the God of the Hebrews. For lack of vowels the Hamites unto whose hands fell our ancient classic Holy writs thought they could substitute any vowels in our works which to them lacked vowels. They were duped. CHi which in ancient Hebrews write was written as YHi is not YHa nor JHi>JHa.

The TETRAGRAMMATON YH-WH/JH-WH/CH-WH is CHI Almighty’s name CH/JH/YH with an additional word “WH/kWH“ which is an adjective and this happened during the time of ABiAMa(ABrAMa) which addition simply means that CHi was added WH or uWHu(ukWHu) meaning “BIG/Almighty“. 

Exodus 6:3 KJV

And I appeared unto ABrAMa and otrs by the name of: 

Chi Almighty..

(Transcribed from ancient Hebrew language and not from English language and that name is (CHu•kWHu/JHu•kWHu/YHu•WHu of ABiAMa(ABrAMa).

..but by the name "Jehovah" or "Yahweh" was I not known to them(ancient people) (because JeHoWaH or YHaWHe were not ancient Hebrew language but European's fabrication of yesterday)

Genesis 17:1 KJV

[1] And when Abram(ABIAMA) was ninety years old and nine, CHWH appeared and said unto him, 

I am the “Chi-Almighty”(CHI-BIG)(CHi-ukWHu) CHWH/JHWH/YHWH (JHi-uWHu/YHi-uWHu)

walk before me, and be thou perfect(a CHiMystic)!

The Hebrews and their patriarchs, because of this CHWH’s blessings, are the hidden (psalm 83:3) lineage of the bloodline of the first tribe or family of the lions(kings) of this earth and they are Niggars or Ethiopes not red men! Amos 9:11. And in the subsahara every Ibo till today still wears clothes designed with lions heads though not consciously of this facts because churchianity almost erased it. Remember there was a global conspiracy to delete iZrael and her God by Hamites and we know the origin of their jealousy to have stemmed from Genesis 9:25-27.

This name “CHi” is so powerful and ancient in origin that even in the ancient kingdom of Chinno/Shinnar (present day China in Asia) “The-CHi” word is preserved, meaning ‘God exists’ and defined for what the Hibos says it is: “THE MYSTICAL FORCE BEHIND ALL CREATION IN THE UNIVERSE. (The knowledge is from the ancient people  ndIGBOo). CHi(neke). Even up till the time of iESUA in Palestine 1st century AD this name was stiil in use and evidence in archeological digs and sites in today's Israel which is not iZrael but Judea, exists. Moses wrote this name down in the first two letters of the Tetragrammaton (YH)-WH/(JH)-WH....

as in “YH.../JH...” .

Now adding an “a” vowel sound to Moses “YH../JH..” gave fools the “JHa/YHa” name which they presumed to be the Hebrew/Hibo name of the Most High God of the Hebrews, even though no vowels were ever found in all Hebrew classics, so these idiots improvised and helped themselves by deploying any manner of vowel sound they could lay their filthy hands on! (Google: ‘did jews create their own vowels in the Torah’ and knock yourself out). WE DID NOT PERMIT THEM!

The khazars first expedition to the Hebrews Hibos Ibos Igbos around 1400s in our subsaharan enclave, behind the river called as River-Ethiope/Black/Niger/Niggar (see Zephaniah 3:10), sponsored by the Portuguese government and ordered by Rome learnt that “YH” (in YH-WH) is rendered as ‘JHi(u)WHu {CHi(u)WHu}: The Most Holy Name; hence they adopted it fast-fast into their name  ‘juhu/juwu/Jew’ and...  

...thereafter stole our heritage and instead trained gate-keepers to constantly remind us that worshiping CHWH/JHWH/YHWH = ‘JHuWHu’/JUWU/JUHU/JEW which  is fetish and heathenic: they brought fresh priests who had no idea of the first research in the Holy nomenclature or Tetragrammaton and sold them another derogatory name “juju” instead of “juhu/juwu’ which is same with JHWH/JEW’. AND TILL THIS DAY, ‘THEIR GATE KEEPERS’ OUR PRIESTS, STILL CALL US HEATHENS WHO WORSHIP “JUJU” AS THEIR GOD. (This is the painful origin of the word juju)

When Hebrews protested this, and taught the invading Europeans that our CHWH's name is not just “juju” alone, using their very tongue in what we termed a limited understanding of Hebrew language, but that our Chi is called ‘jujuBIGGEST’, these thieves understood that perfectly to mean “juhu (JHWH-Almighty)” but they turned around in betrayal and removed “BIGGEST” in the report, and replaced our superlative adjective “BIGGEST” which means “almighty” with a despicable adjective “long” and charged that Ibos were heathens and devil worshipers who needs be colonized since they have the god whose name is called “long-juju” serviced by the aAros. This idiots know very well that JHWH chose only the aAROs as priests to HIMSELF, they also changed the name from aAROs to aARONs.

It’s not as if we did not have learned patriarchs who understood their schemings, they added “long.” to “juju” to make us devil worshipers and changed all the names of our patriarchs in the holy ancient writs of the Hebrews they found in Samaria.

It should be obvious to you by now that these people are nothing but THIEVES and imposters !


Hosea 2:16 KJV

[16] And it shall be at that day (Today) saith the MOST HIGH CHWH that: ‘thou shalt call me iSHi(CHi) [remove their vowels] and shalt call me no more as Baali(Lord)’.

NOW YOU KNOW WHY WE ARE THE SEMITIC or (CHi-MYSTIC) AND THE REASON HAMITIC (kannanites) ARABS IN EUROPE (khazars) SO LOVE TO COVET THIS NAME knowing fully well they are Hamites hence the new creation “Abram-ham.

Enough of all this nonsense then!


Joseph Edward Simmons

07.06.2021 01:40

Chwh be praised for the rest of my dayz I'm truly amazed king DVD is raised!daalu

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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