Before Ra-Mose (Ramoses/Ramses) became KHamaetic Egyptian prince, he was firstly SChimystic Hebrew (Iboe).

The high civilization or world power or world domination KHamaetic Egyptians bragged about was made possible by the Hebrew(Iboe) viceroy of Egypt called Maduipe(imhotep/iosept/Joseph)!

Book of the dead and book of life

The book of the dead is one out of the two books given to the two sons of Nnaoha Odumeze (Noah of AdamEve) left in the destroyed library of Egypt called Alexandria by Europeans who found and corrupted them!

The two sons are:
the Khamaetics (last born)
and the SChimystic (firstborn)
These weren't paleskins but Negroes
and there was no japa or japhet!
That name was a European fabrication!

And the book of life was given to the firstborn son the SChimystic!

and to the last born son Khamaetic was given
the book of the dead.

The two of them by providence were brought together in Egypt to experiment on their books.

Initially they prospered with love until envy broke out between them, of course from their books!

One working with love and empathy from the book of life saved millions on earth from famines.

The other by wicked envy and sociopathy enslaved and destroyed the saviors of the world even till this day!

Salvation is only promised to come the way of this world again only through them but at endtime!
See John 4'22b.

Don't be deceived by the word jew there. There was no 'j' in ancient_people's alphabet.
'J' as an alphabet was an English fabrication 400 years ago. Therefore, salvation is of the Hebrews not jews. The word jew was not in existence 1000 years ago not to mention being used in any scripture. It's a fraud to find it in any Bible verse. Now Hebrews are not jews and Hebrews are never allowed to claim that they are jews. Again, jews are not Hebrews but they are allowed to claim that they are Hebrews. Get those facts.

As for the children of Ham or the khametic our wicked brothers, the destiny of the Gentiles awaits them.

And that is, the return of all to the Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos Igbos Ndigboo Nigoo Negroe Niger ancient people Isaiah 47'6KJV behind the rivers of Ethiope and Niger: Zeph3'10, where all the sacrifices and offerings of the pilgrims must be accepted.

Isaiah 60:12 KJV
For the person, nation and kingdom that will not serve CHWH Okike Abiama behind the rivers of Ethiope and Niger Zeph3'10 shall perish;
yea, those people, nations or kingdoms shall be utterly wasted.

Matthew 24:35 KJV
Heaven and earth may pass away,
but these words shall not pass away.

May. 20, 2020

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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