Bradley Brazen
you want to know what Hebrew actually means
and also you want to know who the Hebrews actually are.

The answer to your question is worth a billion dollars you know?

Yes and because it is the beginning and the end of all confusion about the origin of that mysterious book.
Yes, it is the most mysterious and controversial book with the most controversial questions and answers about the philosophic question of existence or in lay man's term, how to understand life and succeed on earth.

Make sure you get this answers right now,
and when you do, what you do with it, is all upto you.

Now after COVID-19,
Or after the threats of vaccination of every damn person on earth, with, let us guess,... LUCIFRASE;
plus the boogieman on the floor of the Congress right now, about a 6666 contact tracing powers that will enable WHO, the police and UN army go into people's homes and arrest them and take their children away and other fuckery..
no one on earth again today is boldly coming out to claim atheism or say the Hebrew scripture is a scam because the gig is up!

Everyone knows that the Khazarian jews are the ones behind the NWO, there's no way salvation of this world could be of the jews. John 4'22b.

Now everyone is looking for the Hebrews. Everyone wants the true truth.

Everyone knows this Khazarian jews from Northern Europe are NOT Hebrews but are mere converts into Hebrewism who had the ordacity to change the doctrines of ancient Hebrews into a fake religious ideology called Judaism.

And to make their stolen heritage look tight, they had to try to create a certain type of fake Hebrew language and dubb it paleo Hebrew., just to appear legit before the rest of the world who are morons especially on the issue of who the children of the king of heaven actually are.

What then is the meaning of the adjective "paleo" ?

Ancient Hebrew?
Antiquated Hebrew?
Palestinian type of Hebrew?

Palestinians are Arabs.
How could they have Arabic and Aramaic and come to have ancient Hebrew language again. Are Arabs part of the ancient people of this world?

Arabs are NOT part of the ancient people on this earth.

Arabs are the result of the first abomination between ancient people and Neanderthals. They are the results of the unholy union.

Neanderthals are even more ancient than Arabians.

Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos Igbos Ndigboo Nigoo Negroe Niger are the most ancient people or tribes on earth whose original origin was Eden or Anedo which means land with gold. Your smoking gun is the name paradise, it's the definition of a land whose streets are paved with gold.

In the whole world, only one place was called gold coast by the Neanderthals, that coast for gold is still in the subsahara not in Palestine.

We know that Abram the Hebrew came from the Ur of the chaldea which is in Suma, which is in Mesopotamia, which is Assyria and Babylonia, which is Persia and which is today in Iran and Iraq but Hei, Abram or Abiama was just an Ibo Hebow Hebrew migrant from the subsahara, the exact compass point is river Ethiope (not Ethiopia) and river Niger see Zeph3'10 from whence the dispersed daughter would come from into the global stage again.

Both Abiama(Abram fake name) and all his fore fathers are till this day black people see Isaiah 51:1&2a.
Many remnant Negroes are still there in Iraq and Iran marginalized as the ones in America right now by those half breeds occupying the whole of Arabia.

Now if you are looking for Hebrews, please go to Deuteronomy 28'48;49;68. Read those verses very well. Those verses are the incontrovertible heritage of the Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos Igbos Ndigboo Nigoo Negroe Niger ancient people.

The white man who orchestrated those atrocious wickedness is still called Oyibo till this day in West Africa, do you know why?

Look at that name again "Oyibo",
The true spelling is "Onye-ibo",
that means: The Hibo or The Hebrew.

That's what west Africans called the white people who carried the Igbos away into the west indies even till this day.

The question you should be asking yourself now is...
But why? We know many on earth don't know that little fact but it's a mighty smoking gun!

Igbos don't call them that name.
Igbos called them bekee.
But the rest of the coastal people of West Africa calls them "OYIBO".

Well, when the Neanderthals came into the Atlantic shores of West Africa, they only knew of one phrase or one question to every black person they met,
and that word or phrase or question is:
Are you oyibo?

Before long this very notorious words or question from the Neanderthals became their name amongst the local people, because the Neanderthal was obsessed with that phrase or question.

You would perhaps want to know why, right?

The Neanderthals are order followers. The phrase was an order given to them to be using on every black person they met on the shores of the ocean in order to identify who the true Hebrews are so they don't make the mistake of getting non Hebrews for the rituals they are needed for in America.

The Freemasonic Vatican sent its Portuguese jews in 1400s down to the Atlantic coasts of West Africa with only one assignment or order.

And that assignment or order was to go to the Atlantic coast of west Africa and locate the ancient people called Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos Igbos Ndigboo Nigoo Negroe Niger anicent people Isaiah 47'6KJV for the building of new Egypt. The Hebrews are needed ritually in America before it can become a world power. It's in the scriptures openly. Deuteronomy 28'48;49;68.

Without the ritual lynching and wetting of the grounds with the blood of the Hebrews, America can not become the dominant power in the world the freemasons wants it to be. Can you imagine the wisdom behind Igbolanding site Glean County Georgia? Coincidence, well coincidence is CHWH's way of masking HIS ID.

If you know all this, you will be confident that China can never be a world power on planet earth until it does what Europeans did too with the Hebrews.
But that can never happen again, though they will most definitely try their luck!

There's no questioning about who wrote the scripture at this juncture because the whole of Europeans were converts into the ancient way of the Hebrews, first by the Greeks from Egypt. The most ancient library on earth was in Egypt. The jealousy of Europe destroyed and renamed it to Alexandria. Only universities own libraries. Everything academic was from Africa and the Hebrews was in the fore front of it even in ancient Egypt.

Now Romans took Hebrewism from Greeks
and used it to dominate the whole world exactly as Greeks did.

Britain did the same to Rome. The translation of the scripture from Latin and Greeks to English language took a major toll on Britons. Their king James was was decorated as the defender of the faith for killing his subjects simply because they read Bible verses not unauthorized by king James and the then catholic pope.

America did the same to Britain. Used the power of the scripture to first archive her own independence from Britain and dominate the world hereafter though not as a priestly nation but a dominant global economic and political power house.

Here we are now, the house of rotchilds, the ones pulling the livers of political misrule on earth, they are at their wits end. They couldn't archive their goals peacefully. The whole world is not buying their one world government bulshits.

Their hope is waning and right now their hope to be resuscitation by China is ritually dead. Truth is that the God Almighty of the Hebrews, who gave them hegemony over every tribe on earth for their deep convertion into Hebrewism, the keeping of the laws etc have refused all sacrifices from them recently, to the extent that Moloch and Baalim had to be brought into the equations, yet nothing. Kissing the feet of every hamite in Africa and blogging the right eye did not placate the anger of the Most High of the Hebrews. They are In for a shocking ride this time around. It's their end time !

This is not the very first time they thought they got the chance to float their new world order. Before long, one idiot somewhere will just come along and crash their jolly party. The Romanoves once crashed their party before they wipe them out and if care is not taken, before you know it, world wars will break out again, people might be sent to the guillotine before that. Now this is the end of the whole gimmicks. They are at their wits end as we speak.

The rotchilds could be the one's going to the guillotines now, who knows?
All it takes is just one little mistake and CHWH Okike Abiama, CHi Almighty of the Hebrews, creator of the universe, is a grand trickster.

Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos Igbos Ndigboo Nigoo Negroe Niger ancient people globally should wake up and watch China, the rotchilds will unleash them on the Americans, it's going to be a global coup'de'tat. A violent overthrow of the United States using the apparatus of the United Nations; right now, rotchilds agents and with China just unleashed WHO against Trump as we speak. So the one who vanquishes the USA must rule the world...

But that will never be a smooth sailboat, because it's against the ritual set in motion for the settling of this earth by the owner or creator: CHWH JHWH YHWH Okike Abiama of the Hebrews.

The Hebrews will ride the times out and shall steal the show from every actor this time around. Daniel 12:9 & 4 is activated and EPHRAIM (Eferemiri), those who crossed over waters, the 10 tribes, firstborn of CHWH Okike Abiama Jeremiah 31:9 we don show face!

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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