Jun. 19, 2020


Ephraim this is your turn.

Choose wisely. 

First century AD iEhuddians through Barabas, the ipob and biafran chief then were restless in agitations for political emancipation from Rome or the gentile worlds. This was their turn. Did they pass, if iEhuddah passed then why would a Nation of imposters in 1946 - 8  allowed to float a Nation of course they did not call iEhuddah (Judah) but Israel. A false state?

iEhuddah like you today then were warned by the son of CHWH Okike, who is the word of CHWH which is CHWH himself but they refused and followed after Barabas and iESUA Nazarene ignored them and still gave us the coordinates of the type of salvation of the incoming kingdom which he said is within us and does not come by observation and showed us how and when it comes and shall be. He says end times.

But like today He was then ignored! And many called him false Messiah and saw Barabas maybe as something.

While Barbara killed lots of iEhuddians and Romans and for it, was booked a criminal worthy of execution, but alas iEhuddians failed woefully in their 'New Mind Test' then and chose Barbara instead of the day spring from on high.

In fact they killed Him by demanding his death. We still remember all they said about his blood.

But before they concluded, He gave them His last prophecy which many even now never understood.

'Your nation which you seek so passionately, in 70 AD shall be completely destroyed and nothing shall be like it...and finally the whole world shall be filled with people (imposters) who shall falsely claim to be like me "but are MANY deceiving MANY"...they shall prosper with what you now reject.

See Matt 24.

His prophecy were fulfilled and iEhuddians were sacked in 70 AD and Rome set-up her abominations or denominations, today they are seen in all the high or holy places of this earth and in every corner of the streets of this plane(t) while sin and immorality  multiplies and prospers on earth in their hands and on their watch.

Regretably Iehuddah is today replaced and filled with another new type of fraud, a group of people completely unknown from whence they came into this world claims to be your brothers because they are lost into the mountains of your wilderness.

1700 years later CHWH has located HIS HEBREWS. The signs have been sent out to all nations. 

Another test of the minds opens again for the remnant of the lost but found most ancient people on earth. Ndi gboo. The 10 lost sheep of the house of iZrael which is EPHRAIM not iEhuddah.

What happened to iEhuddah 2000 years ago is hereby repeating itself in you!

Like an elect warns today I add.

'What the MOST HIGH CHI of the HEBREWS CHWH/JHWH/YHWH Okike Abirahma wants is not an political emancipation for a local government and a limited existence. No.

THE SONS of ODUMEZE (LION KING code) are owners and rulers of this earth.

What you need is salvation and the light of the secret to return into your lost heritage on earth.

This call is not for a political emancipation. But for a spiritual salvation. Either you get this now or like iEhuddah shall be wiped out soon.

Many of you shamefully don't even know who you are. Some stupid ones amongst you say you are Gad, what an arrant nonsense and a belittling of a mighty nation!

Draw nearer to Him through the unsealing of HIS word which now is laid bare for you all. Choose wisely again. In your midst right now is someone very recluse, ancient and wise about our necessary needs. Your children who were through the ships sold off are as restless and are in agitations too. CHWH provokes this in the HEBREWS at cities and the HEBREWS in the wilderness who are under HIS curses because He wants to cleanse us from our fathers iniquities. Your sons and daughters who were sold off seek you.

Soon it shall be 400 years they left your shores. Do you again in your right senses want barbara and his little promises of a kingdom of pussy-cats limited in every way? Or do you want iESUA Nazarene and HIS everlasting kingdom of Lions? Choose you this day but please choose you wisely. Something powerful your way comes!


amazu ikechukwu

22.11.2022 09:59


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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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