Jun. 19, 2020


The tallest buildings in this world till today belongs to bankers.

The pyramid was the tallest building on earth during it's hare days.

The pyramid was a bank.

It was built by the first bankers of earth.

The first bankers of earth were the Hebrews not Jews. But today the Jews have seized and stolen that heritage!

The pyramid was an ancient bank for the grains of EGYPT which saved the entire world then and made Hebrews rulers of EGYPT for more than 400 years.

The design was transcendentally provided to the ancient architect and builder of that edifice called Maduipe (then Hebrews had only judges (ndipe) not kings.

It was Maduipe that was corrupted into imhotep and that corruption led to another by Europeans who call it Joseph.

Ancient Hebrews never had the letter "j".

Case closed!

Maduipe (judge-man) or imhotep or Joseph was a Hebrew. Then there was no such abomination as the word Jew!

Genesis 40:15 KJV

For I was kidnapped (ntoro) from the land of the Hebrews, and even here I have done nothing that they should put me in the dungeons."

He was a Hebrew and not a Jew. No one kidnaps Europeans (so called Jew) and puts them in jails but Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos Igbos and they are still doing it even until now in Libya and other places. 400 years ago they did it and our children are still being lynched and shot at and jailed indiscriminately in America! Their problem is that they are iZrael who must never know their father's crib. Isaiah 1:3. Many of them still shamefully think they are Yorubas or Ghanaians or Native Americans!

Anyway the pyramids stored the Judgeman's grains and the grains were valuable currency then. You could exchange your land or any other high commodity with it!

The WORD "bank" is an Hebrew or Ibo word stolen from Oba and then called as Ban because Hebrews never wrote their words with vowels. Only "B" was written for Oba!

We have Oba-ego today. But in the past it was oba aku  oba-ji (yams) food produced as grains etc.

Anyway Oba or bans or banks needed securities always, anytime!

So here comes ODUMEZE or what you now call the Sphinx. He was the mysterious police of the entire facility. Till today EGYPTIANS still fear it because they know it's a dangerous ancient Hebrew technology.

Till today the SPHINX is still a no go area to non whites but the preserve of white elites who hold the secret of their rise to prominence and dominance on earth to it. Yes the Sphinx is the secret of white supremacy and the reason freemasons hold egyptology to the highest esteem but the gods of the nations of this world apart from the HEBREWS are vanity. But hei.. their dominance has an expiry date and it's kicked in already!

The name Sphinx is a Greek abomination due to its nefarious activities in their Land. The sphinx almost finished them!

Ancient EGYPT never used that name SPHINX!

It is speculated by shallow egyptologists that they called it obuu or obum in ancient Egypt but that's all hogwash and nonsense!

The European God called Odin was a recreation from the true name of the Sphinx "ODUMEZE". But they will never agree on that... Who cares?

If you get this name oDuMeZe correctly and you research to know exactly what it was, then you shall unravel the deepest secret about who actually you are oh! Nwaonyigbo(oyibo)!


oDuMeZe or Nwatu Onye Okie(The Ancient Buffalo) was the personality bastardized into aDaMeVe.

 Ancient Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos Igbos did not invent vowels and never wrote with any!

So DMZ became DMV infused with strange vowels.

To DMZ, the right vowels will give you: oDuMeZe.

But DMV with the wrong vowels will give you: aDaMeVe.

ODUMEZE is the original name of the SPHINX in commemoration of The father of all Hebrews and under the Sphinx was a Temple where Hebrews never allowed the strangers to know what was happening in their religion because series of mysteries kept the image active and alive to actually kill Intruders into the bank.

The EGYPTIANS hearing the word 'Hamu' in the Temple under the great Lion, usually a word rendered after prayers, reminding CHWH JHWH YHWH of our covenant written on our CIRCUMCISIONS taught the name of our CHi was Hamun hence AmunRa and AmunDei and the worship of obelisks (penis God) and the use of the word 'Amen' till this day. Nonsense!

Both the Sphinx and the pyramids have tunnels leading to underground cities even into Europe which thing is kept a close secret by Egyptian authorities because the ODUMEZE you see today was chained down from being active.

But with mere words spoken at the right time and place their tiny chains will break!

Revelation 9:14 KJV

Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.


Yes! The mystery of the crouching Lion with an igbomans face demolished by Napoleon usually was killing Europeans even in their cities in Europe. When Hebrews were overthrown in Egypt in a wicked coup-d'etat the first thing our white enemies did was to chain the lionman down.

Genesis 49:9 KJV

Hebrew iZrael is a lion's whelp: (ODUM nwa ODUM).

From the prey (Egypt),

my son, thou art gone up.

(Engraved as the Sphinx)

You stooped (lay) down!

You couched (lay down) as a young lion,

though son of an OLD Lion! (ODUMnwaODUM) (ODUMODU) > David

Who shall rouse(wake) you up?

Numbers 24:9 KJV

He couched,

he lay down as a lion,

son of a GREAT LION


who shall stir you up?

Blessed is he that blesseth thee,

and cursed is he that curseth thee.

Numbers 23:24 KJV

Behold one-day, the ancient people shall rise up as a great LION, and lift up as the young lion (ODUMnwODUM)(ODUMODU > David)!

You shall not lie down forever but will one day eat the prey (Egypt), and drink the blood of their slain.

He is predicted to be released at endTIME and the Lion promised to return home to it's people.

Understanding who the Sphinx is may help you a lot.

Nze iHECHiUWA (iESUA D'NZERETH)  got his name even from there.

He was called the last Adam (ODUM) (Lion)!

Conquering Lion of Judah, remember!

The name David means ODUM nwaODUM or ODUM-ODUM or ODUMODU. Ancient Hebrew wrote DMD. No vowels.

Our enemy added vowels and even changed the "M" to "W" to get DVD/DWD (DaViD OR DaWuDa) instead of DMD(oDuMoDu)

Which translates to Lion son of Lion!

Anyway you will soon understand why only Ibos wear clothes designed with Lion's heads!

And understand why Nze iHECHiUWA (iESUA D'NZERETH) Odiziobodo or Omeziala (Messiah) of Hebrew iZrael kingdom promised that he would come back as a Lion..

The wicked CONSPIRACY to hide who we are led the British to destroy the nsude pyramids so that no link could be made to the ones in Egypt but their hands are too tiny to stop the shine of the moon on earth!

To be continued!


Dada Chayil

18.12.2020 10:01

Hamen! Profound Revelations here!


15.12.2020 16:04

So can we shapeshift into Lions?

Web manager

17.12.2020 10:02

Many Igbos do if you are part of that bloodline.
Go find a book called "The bottled Leopard".

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