Jun. 20, 2020


IHEANEDO (may the countenance of paradise) dikwara (be lifted unto) umu-CHWH(the children of CHi-Almighty) Hamen


Matthew 24:5 KJV

For many shall come in my name, saying, 

"I am Christ(not Buddha, not Mohammed; not Zorostra, not Khali, not Satan, not witches and wizards) and shall DECEIVE many.

The Redman, blond hair, blue eye, European (Roman) Caesra Borgia is the Antichrist revealed by hee!

Any CHRIST that can see and tolerate or condone the desecration of CHWH JHWH YHWH's holy days especially the Sibbatha and Aja-oku (Sabbath and Passover) for the worship of Baal (sungod) on his(Baal's) sun_god_day(Sundays) instead of hallowing the last day of the week as commanded by the LAW and the PROPHETS (Nduora/Torah) is the Antichrist!

Not only that, any CHRIST that condones any group who abolishes the law and says it is of no effect and has passed away against what the real Christ said (I didn't come to abolish the law) but turns around to steal, desecrate and abuse the Hebrew nation's tax system(tithes) and corrupts it and co-opted it because it involves cash and money collection is the Antichrist!

Any Christ which condones the worshipping of CHWH JHWH YHWH (CHI ALMIGHTY) in crowded open places called synagogues or churches rather than worshipping secretly inside our closets as the teaching of the true Christ commanded us is the Antichrist!

Any Christ that claims that he came to save the whole world rather than finding the ten lost sheep of iZrael so he can RESTORE the Lion kingdom of CHWH JHWH YHWH on Earth is the Antichrist!

Any Christ who claims that his death was not a murder and that his death saved the people of this world against the teachings of the true Christ (see all of Revelation 12) and also claims to be the king of this world when his kingdom is yet to come here is the Antichrist and son of perdition prophesied in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-5 KJV to come first (be revealed first) before the 2nd coming of the real Negus(Niggar) and real Macoy!



2 Thessalonians 2:3-5 KJV

Let no man DECEIVE you by any means: for that (last) day (of judgement) shall not come, (unless)

EXCEPT THERE COME A FALLING AWAY(revelation of truth and the waking up of the children) FIRST AND (so that) THAT MAN OF SIN (white Jesus blue eye/blond Christ: Cesera {kazharia} Borgia) BE REVEALED, THE SON OF PERDITION(the sun-god Roman DECEPTION worshiped on his Sun-days).

Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called CHRIST, or that is worshipped; so that he as (satan's) christ sitteth in the temple of CHWH JHWH YHWH (renaming it as Church (circus) (and there) shewing himself that he is the son of CHWH JHWH YHWH.

[5] Remember ye not, that, when I NZE IHECHIUWA (ie’SU’A Nzereth) was yet with you, 

I told you these things?

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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