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They were the authentic 10 lost tribes of ancient Hebrew iZra-el hidden behind Zephaniah 3:10 River (Osimiri [Sinim] Ethiope/Black/Niger) which empties into the Atlantic ocean from the whole of the Sub-sahara or West Africa.

The Trans Atlantic slave incidents were rather the Deuteronomic finger of CHWH trying to point out their geographic location as well as correct and reposition them before a confused world for something great yet to happen here on earth.

Now lots of people loving the glorious promised future and not the historic curse of the Hebrews Hebows Hibows Ibos Igbos viz: (kidnapped and iron-yoked on the necks, sale and enslavements into slavery through merchant ships, forced Labour to build the economy of their enemies in multiple occasions of reincarnations etc) are claiming to be Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos Igbos. Included in these false claims are not only all black tribes in Hamitic Africa and elsewhere on earth,  but also the Khazarian Jews who doctored or created a fraudulent language with strong Arabic roots. They called this their language Aramaic, and or Hebrew (Ancient and modern). These Khazarian Jews also claim they have a DNA marker of the children of Levi which they dubbed kohanim. They claim it is the Hebrew priesthood blood type, as if that DNA and blood type was hidden somewhere in a certain desert cave for the khazars to find and pickup.

Or as if that particular DNA strand is something any person can pickup and use anytime they wish!

The grounds of the genetic knowledge of humans in DNA science is still millions of years ahead any person on Earth claiming this knowledge into that science is simply deceiving himself. Don't be DECEIVED!

How can one know true and authentic Hebrews?

This type of question is asked to us daily and our answer is always simple. Now take the answer again WOULD BE HEBREWS: THE MARKERS!

You need no blood tests nor anything that has to do with any DNA science or research!

What you need is three things! 

One: A basic and average dosage of human intelligence quotient (IQ) to be able to read and digest/understand whatever is given to you to study.

Two: A clear working ear to be able to hear spoken words when they come to you in audio formats

Three: A good sight to see whatever is written on white backgrounds (digital or otherwise displayed to you) and nothing more!

If you have the above three principal things.. now pay attention!

Any person with a matching DNA with the white Jews found in Palestine today or elsewhere on earth is not a Hebrew but a descendant of Assyrians and or Babylonians: dispersers of the Hebrews 7000 years ago who were mainly Canaanites because in Samaria they replaced Hebrews after their dispersal.. see 2nd kings 17:24! Don't pray for this to be what you claim!

For these though by CHWH's permission conquered our ancestors and took over the Land till this day but a priest was forcibly stationed at Bethel to teach them Hebrewism (during their distress with CHWH's Lions) which way(Hebrewism) they with the help of their wicked elders converted into a religion called Judaism today and which is no more Hebrewism at all for Hebrewism is not a formal religion but a culture. A people's total ways and usages.

Isaiah 10:4-6 KJV

Without me they (Assyrians & Babylonians) shall bow down under the prisoners (the Hebrews), and they (Assyrians & Babylonians) shall fall under the(Hebrews as) slain. 

For all this, His (CHWH) anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still (against His Hebrews) 

[5] O Assyrian, (you are) the rod of mine anger (against my Hebrews), 

and the staff (authority of land ownership and lordship) in their (your) hands (till this day) is mine indignation. (CHWH Okike speaks)

[6] I will send him (Assyrians and Babylonians) against an hypocritical nation (Ephraim): and against the people of my wrath (iZrael) will I give him a charge, to take the spoil, and to take the prey, and to tread them down like the mire of the streets. See 2kings :17:4 to the end!

Hebrews in accordance with the scriptures were dispersed to a place in the wilderness of this planet earth where only two eagles (rev.12:14 Angels... Michael and Gabriel) knew in spirit in the dark speeches (riddles and parables) to the Prophets which described a place beyond the RIVERS of Ethiopia. Rivers of Ethopia was another code for the name of the River Ethiope and not a nation for there is only one river not rivers in the whole of the nation called Ethiopia see. Zephaniah 3:10.

Google River Ethiope and find out the name of those who live behind or beyond it to see if it has any connection with the name Hebrew. 

Try to find the etymology of the word ETHIOPIA. If it has a connection with blackness. Get another word synonymous in meaning with blackness then you shall know why our children in America are called Niggars!

Then Zephaniah 3:10 code will come crashing on your face! You will then UNDERSTAND why they must come from there to bring again HIS sacrifices (ways/WORSHIP) back into existence again into a world bereft of any goodness again! Without that epiphany.

You are Lost!

The root name of that river was also given to another Prophet who named it correctly but our khazarian fake jewish interpreters did their skunk job to it as usual. {smr became snm} You know the ancient people never write in vowels but fake Jews these days created their own vowels into all classical Hebrew consonant texts and with their type of vowels all ancient Hebrew texts were wrongly rendered e.g. is Sinim instead of Osimiri see Isaiah 49:12 KJV.

Behold, these shall come from FAR: and, lo... these from the land (beyond the river) (of) Sinim (not land of...)!

There are many allusions to the code 'FAR' revealed above which we shall try to provide you as well!

FAR and ends of the earth has been the code words for Hebrew enclave dark/riddle speeches discussions as in:

Isaiah 5:26 KJV

And HE will lift up an ensign (Anedo Gates) to the nations from FAR, and will HISS(only one man (hee) on Earth knows about this hiss and the source) unto them from the end of the earth: and, behold, they shall come with speed (on-line) swiftly:

Isaiah 10:3 KJV

And what will ye do in the day of visitation (last days) and in the desolation (epistemological) which shall come from FAR? 

To whom will ye flee for help? 

And where will ye leave your glory?

(Question from CHWH to the ancient Assyrians and Babylonians' descendants or white jews who has possessed this world like a plague)

Isaiah 13:5 KJV

They come from a FAR country, from the end of heavens, even the Lord , and the weapons of his indignation, to destroy the whole land (epistemologically)!

Isaiah 26:15 KJV

Thou hast increased the nation, O CHWH , 

thou hast increased the nation: thou art glorified: thou hadst removed it FAR unto all the ends of the earth. (Hebrews were finally removed and collected in one place: 

end of the earth is code for the Delta emptying into the Atlantic ocean.

It was first mentioned in Deuteronomy 28:64. The irrefutable scriptural Foundation of Modern Hebrews.

Read the rest of the riddles as we call it they are discussions between Angels which fell into the ears of a prophet written as Isaiah 26.

Isaiah 30:27 KJV

Behold, the name (missing vowel sounds of the Tetragrammaton) 

NAME of TMHCHI cometh from FAR (this far means a country very far from Jerusalem the abode of the prophet then)

burning with his (the new Prophet's.. who publishes the name) anger, 

and the burden (global economic depression) thereof (then) is (would be) heavy: 

his lips are full of indignation (judgements and condemnations) 

and his tongue as a devouring fire (acid tongue) ..

Isaiah 43:6 KJV

I will say to the North, Give up; 

and to the South, Keep not back:

'bring my sons from FAR, 

and my daughters from the ends of the earth'

Basically two countries on planet earth which got upto 80% of Hebrews trapped in them till today as we speak are Nigeria first in its South and the Americas secondly in its North.

Isaiah 46:11 KJV

Calling a ravenous (raven-like or black but fasting) bird (hee is still called the Raven) from the east, 

the man that executeth my counsel (Urim) from a FAR country: 

yea, I have spoken it , I will also bring it to pass; 

I have proposed it , I will also do it.

The following lights above are given to any one on earth who is honest in his or her quest for truth. 

It was given to our shepherd too, for use as a guide presentable to all seekers or suppliants of true Hebrews!




1: Any person, tribe, tongue, people or nation on earth that does not know the Tribal NAME (Ibo/Eber) of the ELECT NATION, and also use that name thousands of years before the appearance of Orthodox Torah is not Hebrew!


2: Any person, tribe, tongue, people or nation on earth that does not know the Tetragrammaton or name of TMH CHI and used such NAME thousands of years before the appearance of Orthodox Torah is not Hebrew!

ABiAMa | ABrAMa | Brahma| Abraham | Ibrahim

3: Any person or tribe, tongue, people and nation on earth who does not know the NAME of the first circumcised Priest and Patriarch of the Hebrews and used such NAME thousands of years before the appearance of Orthodox Torah and used it, is not Hebrews!


4: Any person or tribe, tongue, people and nation on earth that does not know any part of the Decalogue or The Covenant and try to preserve it thousands of years before the appearance of Orthodox Torah is not Hebrew!

5: There are many words skeletally found in the Torah today that could qualify people as Hebrews, but these four above are The most Cardinal in Hebrewism.


Name of our Tribe (Nation NAME Ibo/Hebrew)!


Name of our Patriarch (ABiAMa/ABrAM)


Any Part of the covenant (The Law/Decalogue)



Name of the Nation : HE'BR'EW/I'B'OW


Name of the Patriarch: ABrAMa/ABiAMa

Any part of the COVENANT: (8 & 9th Laws)


And the ancient people shall say:


Hamu/Hamen/Amen! (SEALED in the circumcision)!


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