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The Hebrews Hebows Hibows Ibos Igbos KNOW (not believe John 4:22b) in the return (incarnation) of a Lion King (son of oDuMoDu Njoku) {not David the son of Jesse)! We KNOW (not believe) from the teachings of the ancient Odoziobodo Sect and Sages about King oDuMoDu (DMD or DWD) whose son would one-day return to Dozie or Mezie our desecrated holy mother Land and UNSEAL THE BOOK WHICH NONE CAN OPEN Rev 5:5.

This Lion son of Lion (oDuM nWo ODum) was in Odoziobodo teachings called The "OMEZIALA" (RESTORER OF THE KINGDOM) from where you got your fake Title "MESSIAH"! Acts 1:6! His prophesied name even before He was born is Nze iHE'CHi'UWA (transcribed into English as: "The saintly Light of CHWH to the world" or "The light which CHWH gave to the people of the world").

This is from where you got your provincial sound of his name which is known by MANY today as: "iE'S'UA Nzereth" (remember Roman soldiers writing initials that started with the letter "i" iNRi on the cross so called). This name iHE'CHi'UWA/ iE'S'UA was later bastardized into iesu(jesu/yesu) iesu(th)/iesu's'/jesuth/jesus! Now Nzereth or Nazarite is the most ridiculous transcription of the New Testament narratives you can find about Ancient People's lores!It's not per say the name of any place in Palestine(Judea) today nor before! It's the title of Nze Ritehood bestowed on those born with the sign, Dread locked hairs. The rituals of NYOSA which confers passage into the Ancient Nzerite society of the Hebrews Hebows Hibows Ibos Igbos including it's investitures are they not a bit muted in Numbers chapter six and into all the scrambled passages as usual in other verses of the chapters of the books of Nduora (Life-book/Torah: Book of LIFE)!

His other name in prophecy, is it not "Mmaduelu" (transcribed into English from Iboe as: "Man from above") from where you got your fake khazarian gibberish "Immanuel"?Did He with His own tongue NOT CONFESS and CONFIRM these names? Was His mother's name NOT "Amara"? (Transcribed into English from Iboe as "FAVOUR") from whence you got your fake khazarian/Vatican/Mecca gibberish as:

Mary/Maria. Luke 1:28,30,76 KJV

And the Angel came in unto her, and said,

Hail, thou that art “HIGHLY FAVOURED”,

the Lord is with thee:

blessed art thou among women.

[30] And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found “FAVOUR” with God 

(poor transcriptions indeed)!

iHE'CHi'UWA has no biological father because He was an incarnation of "okwu-CHWH" or an incarnation made possible by the power of CHWH's WORD, but was He not Connected in His mother's side to the Aro-Clan of the ancient People from where you read that his Aunt or Mom's sister: Elizabeth wife of Zack was of the daughter of the Aarons Luke 1:5.Aro iwu-CHWH (aAROn-liwiticus), remnants of Ancient Iboe Priestly caste scattered into all the land because they have no inheritance of their own are predominantly found this day in Abia State of Nigeria (CHWH's own state)!

Now you see why the parallels of this narrative in Luke 1:5 KJV must be used!

You people do not love to use the almost accurate Bible version KJV but rather you love to hate to use it, and you love to re-edit or change it's contents!

Did you know that Europeans around 1800s created the half penny with The star of David in it's center and gave it to Hebrews most dominant race in British west Africa to use as our currency before taking it away to the higher bidder (the rotchilds) and sold our Ancient Royal insignia in 1946 after the infamous Balfour declaration!Before then in the middle ages, they have come to us the Hebrews Iboes (bearing the name oyibos) and stole many of our young ones in millions and used their blood to set at the foundation of their newly created nation states some of which they wanted to become the new world dominant power (order)!

We the Iboes Hebows Hebrews live behind the Rivers of Ethiope or Niger I stupidly in Zephaniah 3:10 (as Rivers of Ethiopia)!!!! There's no such rivers called the Rivers of Ethiopia on earth. But there is River Niger (black) and there is River Ethiope (black)

A little search in Google maps can prove all that.

Since the children were stolen from behind the Rivers of Ethiope or Niger they started calling them Niggarz as a byword even as prophecy said in Ancient Nduora:

Isaiah 65:15 KJV

And ye shall leave your name (iZrael) for a curse(Niggarz) unto my newly chosen:

for CHWH JHWH YHWH shall slay thee,

and call HIS new servants by another name(Jews):


Before you throw away the child thinking you are throwing away the broken bathwater! The Europeans did a bad job with their transcriptions of our divinity or spirituality which they found in the ancient library of Alexandria in Egypt no doubt but have you asked yourself why every Hebrew or Iboe-man still wears till this day the head of Lions (isi-odum) when they feel arrived, most happy and secured financially?We do this because we know the "Lion son of Lion" Rev.5v5 is on His way back here and the rest of the TRIBES OF THIS EARTH SHALL MOURN AT HIS REVELATION


iE'S'UA or iHE'CHi'UWA

(LIGHT OF CHWH TO THE WORLD Jn.8:12,Jn9:5) is His name not jesus!

and you can validly TAKE THIS "SMOKING GUN" TO YOUR BANK







1. A song/poem of Ethan: The Ezrahite

CONCERNING the Everlasting PLAN or MERCY of CHWH Okike Abiama as unsealed by the present priesthood and to be sang/read with the full strength of our whole being: To the intent that we may continue, even online, to show and to make known, our woke-knowledge, in the awesome powers of our benevolent king, father and creator, even unto all human generations on earth yet to come.



2. It was CHWH who promised us HIS two greatest favors

even through HIS own lips: THAT:

(I.) HIS Mercy unto us shall be built and mounted up with HIMSELVE CHWH OKIKE ABIAMA and be made to endure forever unto all generations. 

(II.) That HIS Faithfulness/Trust/Love over us shall be established

within the neighborhood of our galaxy and HIS throne in HIS heavens.


3. Among us earthlings CHWH came down from HIS heavenly throne

to choose one. From amongst the Nations, Peoples, Races, Tongues and Tribes >

of this plain > Earth, HE came down from HIS heavenly throne

and made HIS covenant with the son of a man.


4. Unto our beloved earthly king Odumodu(David) CHWH's servant: of the ancient people and tribe of the nation of umu-Ezelu (izrael) CHWH swore HIS oath unto him. More than 4000 years ago, before the very 1st version of this song was ever written, oh CHWH, you swore and covenanted that you shall establish his seed and offspring, forever, and to build up, even to the highest heights, His throne, amongst men, so it shall last to all generations.



b. Thus far and like joke; it's obvious that your promise oh CHWH of another 'Jehoshaphat in Jerusalem' was already fulfilled and made manifest through one iESUA, 'your Light to the world', through: Amara(the lady Favored Most amongst all women) from the Lineage of the aAros(Luke1:5down) and of the house of Odumodu(David) who is now an international icon and a celebrity with the awesome titles of King of Kings and etc even as the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah or King of the Hebrews (iNRi) etc, having been raised a Nazarite.


c. 2000 years have passed since His reported death and burial after a murder/lynching incident, yet unlike in the manner and traditions of ancient and murdern worlds, men have simply refused to forget to address Him as Late Nze iESUA.


d. This is so because of the mystery with which you surround His personality.

He was dead and buried, yet unlike many that ever had lived, iESUA is still alive and active everyday everywhere around the world > Earth. He and His spirit as promised by you o CHWH simply refused to abandon or go away from amongst we earthlings or from amongst we humans.


e. There is no day, since the passage of the last 2000yrs that His name is not mentioned amongst men around the world, even in their various homes and in all news media. You made His name very high above all names that are named both in heaven and on earth; that through His true name, iHECHiUWA Nze, sons of men may bless themselves, do exploits and find refuge, especially in times of their deepest troubles, sorrows and crises. 


5. The congregation of your elects: Nzes(saints) and the hordes of your Anunchis(Angels): of the choirs of Cherubs and Seraphs praise your unsearchable wonders O! CHWH Okike Abiama, our Most Holy and Most High benovelent king and loving father. We praise you even to the highest hights of your heavens saying: Now your promise and faithfulness rests within us. Daalu. 


6. We have no reason to believe you have any rival nor comparison in the widness, expanse and vastness of the entire universe.

Who and what is the name of that mighty entity that could or aught to be compared or likened unto you O! CHWH oma, CHWH ebighbi?


7. You; O! CHWH, our heavenly father, is greatly feared and respected in our various assemblies here on earth and your elects and holy Nzes(saints), Anunuchis(Angels) Cherubs and Seraphs who are closer to you nearer your heavenlly throne also confirm and inform us that: they rever you immensly.


8. O! CHWH Okike Abiama our heavenly father and General; who is as strong like unto you? Who has got the strength and the ability to summon Trust and Faithfulness unto and around Himself like you?


9. Nature and the entire cosmos are under your beck and call.

Backyard (our seas and oceans) their waves and currents obey your commands. All matters dances and stands still in your awesome presence! 


10. The beasty serpentine Rahab, the reptilian Leader of an ancient rebellion against your heavenly authority is even slain and broken in pieces and his gyptsy servants to whom we refer to as gods got scattered through out the vastness of the entire universe even with and by your strong and mighty arm. 


11. But the immense universe, known and unknown with the fulness of its matters and antimatters thereof have their origins and foundations from you. Even the entire expanse of space, star systems and galaxies are yours.

The most rare, unique, endangered and beautiful plain earth where you planted us is also yours to do as you please. 


12. The East and Western hemispheres; the North and Southern poles of this plane earth are also your creations.

The Moon and the Mars soon shall rejoice in your name. 


13. You have got yourself a mighty arm; Very strong hands

and your right arm is very lofty O! CHWH Okike Abiama.


14. Your throne is set on Truth and Justice

so that Mercy and Honesty

may pass freely from your presence. 


15. Blessed are the generation of living souls that shall come to decode and understand the joyful notation(sound) & vibration of the missing Hebrew vowels in the ALEPHBETS you revealed unto our patriarchs as your name in CHWH JHWH and YHWH. Such generation would Walk oh! CHWH, they will walk in the light of the knowledge of the wisdom of your own very excellent being.



16. Such generation of your children shall in your name rejoice daily and boast and continually exult in your righteousness. 


17. You O! CHWH is the glory and pride and strength of our land (ike-Obodo-ai I-CHABOD) and our horns are exulted as a result of your favors.   


18. The holy one of iZrael is our King (only few Hebrews know that fact and only Hebrews can comfortably say that) and the last defence of this hostile universe riddled with all manner of wicked creatures who continually seek our destruction.


19. Through visions and prophesies you speak daily to us, the inhabitants of this plane (earth) through your holy elects from your own very lips saying:

" I have laid help on your behalf, through one very mighty.

From out of All Nations, peoples, races, tribes and tongues of your very world > earth, have I chosen and exulted an one very dear to me. 


20. From the line and house of my servant Odumodu (David) have I found one and raised Him. I have anointed Him in your favor even with the oil of my holiness.


21. My hand myself established Him in your behalf.

For your sake O! iZrael have I with my arms strengthened (oshea{eshua}johoshua{joshua} jehoshaphat🚫 Numbers 13'16) iHECHiUWA (iESUa) ✔️ as your (savior🚫) HERITAGE{Land/kingdom} RESTORER. 


22. He shall be so awesome that the agents of our common enemy will not do triumphant exploits around Him nor amongst you, neither shall the son of the very incarnate of wickedness ever emerge victorious over Him nor anyone amongst you, unto whom iHECHiUWA{iESUA=my Light} indwells.


23. I have set in motion, the beating down or destruction of His/your enemies and foes before His/your very face and eyes and some of you would bear witnesses to this.


A plague of darkness also, will I send out

to ravage them that hate Him/you; 

even amongst you.


24. This is so because I swore that my Faithfulness and Mercy

shall dwell with you forever even through Him, on the one and only condition that,

in my name: CHWH Okike Abiama, through Him "iHECHiUWA{iESUA}" 

your horns shall always be exulted! 


25. It is also in my WILL, to have my authority through Him

be extended to your seas and ocean shores.

Yea. The powers of my right hand and His true ministry and throne shall be extended unto them who inhabit those realms. 


26. Amongst you who endeavor to follow in the steps of my chosen one, you shall in all things worship and pray and cry and stretch out your hands towards me in heaven and say: 'CHWH Nna or God our Father, you are my creator and the rock of my salvation. My Light in darkness'.



27. Whoso amongst you all on the earth {or in the seas}...

that shall follow in His steps, to do and diligently observer all that I commanded Him iESUA my Chosen of the House and Line of my servant your ancient King Odumodu (David), shall be indwelled by the light of my first born(Jeremiah 31'9) and you shall be promoted higher than any proud king in this world who does not know me through my son nor my elect servants and the chosen tribe of this world. HAmen. 


28. My Mercy(grace/forgiveness/patience/forbearance/favor) shall all times be kept for you who follow after this covenant even from this very day; like the one previous. My mercy shall also stand fast with you through my chosen whose reign would never end. HAmen.


29. My chosen (Nze iHECHiUWA{iESUA Nzereth} The Christ/Omeziala(messiah) and His followers shall I make to endure forever and His kingdom and His tabernacles and Sanctuaries and palaces and thrones shall I make to endure beyond materiall time and space even unto eternity. They shall endure from generation to generations here in your material world and even beyond any material imaginations you may harbor.


They shall endure like my own time even timeless.

This is my ultimate plan and WILL for YOU! I PROMISE . 


30. Now for some of you who are foolish, stiff-necked and stubborn:


31. Children who would forsake my Laws and refuse to walk in my judgements, breaking my statutes and refusing to keep faithful knowledge of my commandments, precepts and ordinances,

which I gave from and through my own lips; {the mouth of your CHWH}

and through the lips of my servants and prophets;

Well, I shall visit your iniquities with the rod

and your transgressions with the stripes and canes of my vengeance.


How else could a foolish child be corrected?


33. I am not able, for my elects sake, to utterly take off from your midst, my loving kindness, nor suffer my faithfulness to fail from amongst you

because my unbreakable oath and covenant towards you

is securely locked within me "your owner and creator-CHi",

For you are my only begotten children.


34. The oath of my covenant with your patriarch Abiama is not only unalterable, it also irrevocable because it went out of my lips.


35. I honestly again covenanted and swore once,

not twice

to my servant Odumodu (David) your king in my holiness:


36. That: his seed, root and shoot on earth 

shall in your behalf (children of the king of heaven: Ezelu(izrael),

endure forever. Just the same way your star, the sun which I hung on voids in your space before my own very eyes endures forevermore.. even so shall His Throne amongst you also endure forever.

Let these notions sink down very well into your minds.


37. Remember the way your Moon seems firmly established forever within your space vicinity, so also shall He be established within the vicinity of my thrown in heaven as my faithful witness"

Hamen .


38. In conclusion to everything in our present dispensation,

CHWH JHWH YHWH Okike Abiama warns us all, through the lips and writings of His servants that THERE WOULD NOT BE PITY TOWARDS ANY EARTHLING who is not known or is shadowed under the wings of His Son/Light/Word: The only Chosen among all Nations.


Such person/s or nation would have him/her/themselves to blame and not CHWH Okike Abiama (AKA God Almighty of Abram)

because the very fate of CHWH's enemies shall be their own reproach and our CHWH shall stand blameless. 


39. To you O! CHWH of peace shall our prayers and praises forever and ever be directed unto, through your Light toward us, Nze iHECHiUWA (iESUa Nzereth) restorer of our world and your kingdom 

HAmen and Hamen and Hamen and Hamen!

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