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The Order of Melchizedek:




here they are,

in the volume [scriptures] whereof it is written, of these things.

Psalm 24.

King James Version (KJV)

The earth is the CHWH's,

and the fulness thereof;

the world, and they that dwell therein.

[ref. to: The 24 Elders recurrent song:

Thou art worthy... Thou hast created us and all things

and for thine pleasure we are and were created.

Rev.4.11, ie: This world is CHWH's to use as He pleases]

For He hath founded it upon the seas,

and established it upon the floods..

[Its foundation is in the Oceans and is made as dynamic and unstable as the waters, always in motion, so that no man should boast of the permanency of anything or position.] ecc.8.17

Who shall ascend into the hill of CHWH ?

or who shall stand in HIS HOLY place?

[ascending the hill of CHWH or standing in HIS HOLY place is reference to your ordination into the office of a king-priest or induction into the Nzerite mystery.

Ascending to the throne on the hill (capital city) as an Nze(Saint) to teach and Proselytize Hebrewism or as the king Priest and standing for the people (intercessions) before CHWH Okike Abiama in HIS CENTRAL HOLY TEMPLE in your Land takes almost the same rituals pattern.

Who is authorized to be ordained into this office?

The spirit of CHWH asks through the psalmist.

Surely, not the abomination (denominations)

that causes desolation in our holy places right now.

Let who so reads...

Dan.12.11, Matt.24.15

He that hath clean hands...

[born princes (Hebrews born or Hebrews converted)

with honest and clear right of claims to any throne],

cf: ecc.4.14, Matt.21.33-45

...and pure in their hearts

The king must be

[The most righteous among the princes in any given royal house]

see Rom.9.28.

who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity...

[not corrupt nor sold his soul to or had a pact with satan yet]

...nor sworn deceitfully

[not taken any oath into any office on earth as most politicians and modern day priests do].

But One ordained in accordance to:

"the Order of Melchizedek" ,"the Order of Righteousness",

thus upholding John's Straight, Level and smooth highways.

He shall receive the blessings from CHWH...

[The legitimate authority and ordination as a king-priest for the people in accordance to the Order of Melchizedek shall be administered unto this person as a blessing from CHWH Okike Abiama]

...and righteousness

[This entails the Grace after his ordination, to intercede on the peoples' behalf as a priest before CHWH]

...from CHWH's Light the source of his salvation [iESUA is the door to true salvation and He will reign in the land on the head of all his subjects] Hamen.

Rom.9.28, Heb.7.2

This is the generation of them that seek HIM(CHWH)

[This is the last generation, when knowers (not believers) are the highest in the global population. Dan.12.9-13]

...that seek

thy face, O Jacob.

[reference to the original meaning of the name {Jacob > Chikobu}:

("CHi is what HE is" [2nd person narrative] or

"I AM WHAT I AM" [1st person narrative])

which is a reference not directed to any man but to CHWH, HIMSELF and HIS character.

Lift up your heads, O! ye Gates ...

[Arise o! ye Natural Princes and Kings of the Hebrews

For through you as the ultimate door, earth inhabitants might be saved

For salvation is of the Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos Igbos Ndigboo Nigoo Negroes Nigers ancient people Isaiah 47'6KJV and John 4'22b KJV]


and be ye lift up!

[and be ye ordained and established as Nzes and the King-priests]

...ye everlasting doors

[in accordance to RIGHTEOUSNESS, the ancient people Ndigboo belong to the true everlasting king-priestly order of Melchizedek, the last AND everlasting mystery door through which the true Hebrew Christ or messiah shall come in unto us the 2nd and final time even as a conquering Lion and no more as a sacrificial Lamb]


and the King of glory shall come in.

[so we may usher in the true knowledge of iwuCHWH or CHWH Okike Abiama and HIS Light iESUA in His 2nd coming (parousia) so the Lights millenial rule on earth may become a reality]

Who is this King of glory?

[CHWH through HIS Light/Word to us is as mighty and strong as a Lion in battle]

[The Apocalyptic Lion Warrior, Ruler and Judge of this plane, iHECHiUWA Nze or iESUA d'Nzareth [The iNRi] one of you, is a natural prince from the ancient Royal House of King Odumodu(David)]

Lift up your heads, O! ye Gates...

[Rise above your ignorances and pettiness and accept your destiny and places as CHWH's king-priests for HE is king of kings and your king alone o! ye kings and Nzes of this plane]

...even lift them up, ye everlasting doors;

[oh ancient people, your everlasting offices and thrones were made petty and a trifle by some imperialist rulers from the northern earth's hemisphere who discovered this ancient truth before you, took this grace for themselves and subjugated the rest of you into serfs as if they created and owned you, your kindred, your people, your tribes, your tongues and your nations.


Your ordinations as Nzes and king-priests shall be the last door to open for all people of this world, cf: the righteousness promised in Rom.9.28

but sealed from the prophets in Dan12.4, 9-13 ,

which was to be finally opened up to all in the last days which is now; when their wicked and imperialistic and colonialistic powers are imploding before their very eyes and faces as caused by non other than our CHWH Okike Abiama through HIS Nze iHECHiUWA {iESUA Nzereth}]


and [then] the King of glory shall come in.

[His parosia is at hand!]

Who is this King of glory?

[Nze iHECHiUWA (iESUa Nzereth) the word of CHWH Okike the father which art in heaven. May all glories be unto HIS lofty Name]

HAmen and Hamen

The CHWH of hosts, HE alone is our King of glory.


Arabs among whom is Mohammed/Mohammadu (a name plagiarized from New testament cognomen of Hebrew Essene's Nwammadu (son of man) are descendants of Isimelo [Ishmael] meaning, redemption of my head) Hebrew children of Abiama(ABrAM/AbramHam/Ibrahim) have in the past 1500 years come up with these names below to worship Ala(mother earth) 1st priest and servant of CHWH Okike Abiama: who art in heaven, in rejection of Baalism, which is the true name of the abomination called today as churchianity but which in actuality is the sun-god-worship disguised as "worship of the Light or savior of the world" unfortunately every Sun-day [blessed Sacramento] rather than the legally mandated last day of the week worship


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