Jul. 21, 2020


Schooling the churchians:

In contravention of all Nos. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 of the Ten Principal LAWS of LIFE from The Most High CHi and Supreme Sovereign of the universe to the HE'BR'EWS called the Decalogue given through RaMoses at Horeb Mount in Sinai.

Law no #1:


Exodus 20:2 KJV 

I am TMH thy CHi, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.

Thou shalt have no other gods besides me.

LJC Cesare (khazarian) Borgia first lawless one and son of perdition in all his circuses (churches) already sits himself in the throne of CHWH and showing himself to be god when he is nothing. He does not mind if you call him your Lord and personal savior of the Hebrews and the world even though he is not Hebrew; is guilty of impersonations and identity theft

(Salvation is of the Hebrews not jews the killers of true negro Christ John 4:22)

Law no #2:


Exodus 20:4 KJV

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is (was once) in the earth beneath..

LJC Cesare (khazarian) Borgia first lawless one and son of perdition in all his circuses (churches) does not mind nor bother himself about his follower's ignorance and stupidity when they hang his pale skin image in their walls at home or online or mound him with blocks or carve him in stones or woods and fall themselves down in obeisance to Worship such abominations. He and his bishops sees nothing wrong in any of that. This is disobedience, the iniquity of witchcraft!

Law no #3:


Exodus 20:7 KJV Thou shalt not address the Most High with VAIN NAMES for TMHCHI CHWH will not hold him guiltless that corrupts and pollutes HIS Most Holy NAME with vainity.

LJC Cesare (khazarian) Borgia first lawless one and son of perdition in all his circuses (churches) does not mind nor bother himself about people's ignorance and stupidity when they address him as with borrowed vain names that has no meaning whatsoever under this sun. Particularly names like jesus-jehovah and yahwey knowing fully well that in 1st century iEhuddea there was no letter as "j" in their alephbets even the Roman inscription on his cross or tree of crusifixion which boldly spelt out His NAME and alledged crime or accusations does not read jNRj nor yNRy but iNRi. They know fully well that the invention of "j" alphabet did not nullify the use of "i" but rather recognized it as a separate letter but they insisted that rather than address Him as His parents did, would prefer to burn in hell than be caught addressing him rightly as keyed(coded) in iNRi.

This is wilful negligence of the Divine provisions of the LAW of The Most High.

Law no #4:


Exodus 20:8 KJV

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.

Folks this anti-everything LJC Cesare (khazarian) Borgia, the first revealed christ which is not but a complete lawless creature: the son of perdition in all his circuses which they call (churches) does not give a damn about the holy Sabbath of which the true christ is Lord of, nor does he bother himself about people's ignorance and stupidity when they flout every aspect of the entire LAW of TMHCHi CHWH JHWH YHuWHu which they in their churches have continued to say is done away with the blood(death) of "that christ".

When you kill a king you hate so much, the first jungle rule of juntas who carry out coups d'etat on planet earth; is to suspend all the outsted King's laws and constitutions with some smooth and slippery languages and substitute yours.How astonishing it is to come to the knowledge that the fact above indeed escaped the minds of billions of people who claimed to be Christ-like for a whooping 2000 years even till now is a very interesting development that is fun to track.THE TRILLION DOLLARS QUESTIONS? Why should Rome instead of iehuddah teach us about the Conquering Lion of iEHUDDAH. Where is iEhuddah now? What happened to iehuddah in the first place?

These questions must be answered to determine if there was a coup or not. (Google "The destruction of Jerusalem 70AD") to read bullshits!

The anti-christ is he who sits at the head of table for the transgression of the Holy Sabbath provided in the LAW of Moses, by encouraging the Worshiping of zeus/Apollo/Baal the sun-god on the first day of sun's creation during the week just exactly as MANY today does.

(Google who changed the Sabbath).

This is the iniquity of open rebellion agaisnt The Divine WILL of the supreme HOLY ONE of the universe.

Law no #5:

[DISOBEDIENCE TO PARENTS] accepting a vain name as Jesus other than the Hebrew names the parents gave him is the worst type of disrespect to his parents memory

Law no #6:

[MURDER] no of humans hell bound are in billions as a result of his Deceptions

Law no #7:

[POLUTION OF TEMPLE OF CHWH] under his watch any person could be defiled by any thing it doesn't matter:

In fact to this christ the father and most high was not all knowing and may have made a mistake when he outlawed the eating of certain animals and categorized them as unclean. How pathetic abd little minded this Europeans are.

Law no #8:

[STEALING] he even stole a things no HEBREW ever figured was capable of being stolen: We didn't know identity was a property.

Law no #9:

[FALSE WITNESSING] dissemination of Jewish fables and laws/doctrines of men that turn from the truth is a classic example of MIS/DISINFORMATION.

Law no #10:

[COVETION] all grand larceny starts from COVETION...


He does not care if you flout the LAW of Passover and jump up every Abib (onwa mbu) to Worship the goddess called Ishtar. In fact Lord JC does not care if you eat pork or you eat all the unclean abominations creeping the surface of this earth knowingly or unknowingly. He doesn't care if you are his bishop and yet you are a whorish gay or a master pedophile ravishing all little children in sight even those born by you in your many ophanages which you set up secretly for this purpose.

Or you have a form of godliness, which though denys the true power of CHi-Almighty:

JC does not give a damn if you are busy creeping into people's houses, and leading away captives, their silly women.. you know those of them secretly laden with sins and led away with divers lusts: those idiots who are ever learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the TRUTH.

Judgement is therefore this day passed!

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