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THEY, IN 'OPERATION-GOLGOTHA', KILLED A HOST OF SOME NIGERS (Acts 13'1) WITH THE TWO MAIN LEADING COUSINS, iESUA AND ELIJAH (John De'Baptizer, {remember 400 Baal Priests' killer.. in his former life}).

THAT WAS IN A REVENGE OPERATION IN PALESTINE 2000 YEARS AGO AND THEY HIJACKED, DEFORMED AND CORRUPTED HEBREW-ESSENE DOCTRINES INTO SOME CHURCHIAN DOGTRINS AND EVEN BANNED EVERY TEACHING PERTAINING TO AFTER-LIFE! WHY? TODAY the children of Apollo decorate Baalism (Sun-god Sun-day worship)(Europeanism) with some fancy names like: "sun-temple", when it's just mere: "ancient Sun-day sun-god worship centers (ancient Sun-day Sun-god churches)"!

REMINDER: just few years back, Apollo (Baal)(sun) missions were used to dupe ignorant tax payers into believing they would soon be in the stars or the moon or nearby planets: till this moment, non is such bogus claims ever materialized, much taxpayers money is still being pumped into that vanity yet nothing is found yet! Baalim is a master of deception and sleight of hand.

Baal Priests (Mtt. 13'33, Lk 13'21) from Europe or Rome hijacked, deformed and corrupted Hebrewism (ancient_people's way Jeremiah 6:16) and turned it into: Judahism, churchianity and Islamism all gazing into the stars, the sunand the moon! For the corruption of the scripture remember the parables of the wheat and the tars.

You will appreciate this if you but ponder a little while about the names of the one writing from his jail room in Rome, so-called Saul/Sol/sol invictus=sun & Appollous/Apollyon/Apollo/Paul. Code names for the new Priesthood of Baalim writing to proselytize the whole world and that they did!

Hebrews 13'24b:

They(priests of Baal) of Italy(Rome/Europe) {who rule over you} salute you!

But it's over now! The vicar of Baal just abdicated, kissing the feet of some Nigers. You can all give up such hopes on their bulshits! Mother Earth's children (huemanus) have no business with the space and the stars. We are the owners and guardian of this lovely planet! Their last attempt that will disillusion you all, of course, is coming. Your rogue governments (criminal politicians like Ahab are always in bed with Baalism (embellished as the mysterious Hebrew God (CHi) out of desperation will make one last shameful move with dark sentences (sciences) to hoodwink you all forever, but they will fail.

They will overwhelm you soon with an alien invasion phenomena, a messenger from the stars. So you don't wake up to ask them questions about the hoaxes perpetrated against you the other day as Apollo missions! But they must be held accountable, maybe not by your generation because it hasn't slumberd voluntarily into your consciousness at any time! You are still hoping to be beamed up into space! But by so doing you have aided and abated them in raping mother Earth! You are guilty already by those sloppy wishes and lame aspirations!

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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