Jul. 29, 2020




THE internet was created to monitor and control our system. The governing system.

This role was initially the preserve of the church! To be accepted by all Huemans, the beast was configured to give people unfettered access to communicate with one another! What before now was an impossible preserve of the church and all it's hidden corporations and other affiliated institutions!

This is a break from the classic Monopoly on communication enjoyed by the powers that be.

Now you need no TV and radio broadcasting licenses anymore to say the TRUTH you know. This is potentially a threat not envisioned by the gatekeepers of the beast! Human mind being unpredictable began to express itself in the midst of the hedonistic imoralities fed to them by the beast yet TRUTH prevailed and is still emerging. Truth has CONTINUED creeping out from her well since the emergence of the beast and the church is the beast's first victim.

The second would be democracy which is why the beast, the church and the corporations are pushing and lobbying brazenly for internet censorship and Communism (socialism)!

Because the emergence of NAKED TRUTH out of her well could spill a doom so large the corrupt establishment and it's church, it's corporations, it's politicians, the police and Central banksters laundering their monies may be choked to death soon due to the fact that no one has anywhere anymore to hide from this thing. If this continues to be the persistent case, then what can men addicted to wicked sinful immoral ways and means do?

The peidophelic church was cleverly built by the beastmasters to disguise itself as an agent of LIGHT to spy and control the people for the state while: 

Teaching them cheap morality by the day and fucking all the people by the night! As we speak the church has paid and is still paying bribe money for people to shut up disclosures on their parts in human trafficking, sales and ENSLAVEMENTS; the running of illegal motherless babies home where the priests, their cronies', enemies bastard children and their Vitale organs or parts are sold to the highest bidder.

The people were aware of this but due to censorship and other threats as a result of lack of concrete and well catalogued evidence, no one dared speak out until the beast arrived!

As the beast came in: it first abolished the lame sensorship on pornography which leads to unmitigated masturbation, an addictive vice and destroyer of people and their societies.

The beast brought free pornography out it's woods right into the fingers of children or adults who would remain children forever, so they could be ruled.. but the people who know what is happening were watching patiently.

First we used the beast to abolish censorship in our freedom of expression in all areas of our lives! You don't need a global audience: all one needs is to start with his or her small immediate little surroundings and if one is good at what one does; no matter how deep one has been holed up by the rigged system, surely one must one day go viral!

Because Truth always prevails no matter how long. Evil must eventually catch up with evil people if not now then certainly later because the victory of evil over good is but temporary!


Joseph Simmons

07.05.2021 23:17

I would love to hear more about porno and masturbation and how it related to Scripture

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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