Aug. 24, 2020


The Gospels Are Not Eyewitness Accounts? The four canonical Gospels in the New Testament were originally anonymous. The names of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were not attached to them until the second century and they all says:

"Gospel according to..." NOT "Gospel by...."

As is the case with all the Gospels, it is unknown exactly when the Gospel of Mark was written. Most scholars believe that it was written by a second generation Christian, around or shortly after the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 AD. Numerous early sources say that Mark’s material was dictated to him by St. Peter, who later compiled it into his Gospel. The Gospel, however, appears to rely on several underlying sources, which vary in form and in theology, and which go against the story that the Gospel was based on Peter’s preaching.

Biblical scholars generally hold that Matthew was composed between the years c. 70 and 100 and the author was probably a Jewish Christian writing for other Jewish Christians.

As is the case of the Gospel of Luke, scholars have proposed a range of dates from as early as 60 A.D. to as late as 90 A.D. and it was penned by the same author who wrote Acts of the Apostles. A majority of scholars find it unlikely that the so-called 'John the Apostle' wrote the Gospel of John because the Gospel is a deeply mediated representation of Jesus’ character and teachings by a person more than very close to Jesus rather than a plain account of Jesus’ ministry by an outsider.

Have you tried to read the last chapter of the book of John where the editors were struggling to hide the true author of the gospel of John.

It will blow your mind to find out about the true author who is none other than his cruelest enemy but bosom brother or cousin who kept the purse and was the most vocal and closest to him called iehuddah in Aramaic tongue. Most people still think it was Paul that wrote the book of the New testament called the Hebrews. They do not know that it was an anonymous from the Vatican that wrote the book: Later the name of timothy a servant to paul was added to it,

but the language was essentially same with all the letters purported to have been written by Paul:

A smokescreen that exposes the fact that Paul never wrote anything.

The worst is the fact that the book was not written by Paul after the diction has been that of Paul has caused many European Bible authorities to expunge the name of Timothy as the author of the book of the Hebrews from almost all Bible versions available except you can find certain versions of old king james Bible.

The book of the Hebrews was written in vatican with the main motive being to attack the Hebrew Peoples customary rituals of PASSOVER and other provisions of the Mosaic Laws and replace them with vatican's eucharistia or unholy communion!

See verse 24 of the last chapter which is 13, it says: "..they from Italy[Rome] salute you".

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