Sep. 10, 2020


Genealogically or Historically speaking the whole world are from the IGBOS, which name means: ANCIENT PEOPLE. However, legally and spiritually speaking, they aren’t anymore! They are no more Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos Igbos because of the blood covenant between CHWH JHWH YHWH Okike ABiAMa (ABrAMa) and a particular Hebrew bloodline!

That bloodline is ABiAMa (ABrAM is a fake name)!

This bloodline is preserved and traceable through the survival of that ancient tongue or language which is still FOUND even in current SCRIPTURE transcribed into English language! .

Hebrew is a tongue: so long as you are by any means carved off that language, you are not Hebrew Hebow Hibo Ibo Igbo anymore. You are what you are and speak now: it could be Ashante or Yoruba or German or Hindi! There is only one Hebrew language on earth today, but in the mainstream, the world is DECEIVED that Paleo Hebrew is Hebrew whereas it is not! It is Yiddishism!

CHWH JHWH YHWH Okike ABiAMa separated Hebrews from their brothers (Ndi Oji-uda = The Temple Bearers) the iehuddeans (Judeans)! Today Judeans as far as we are concerned used to be Hebrews but now they have lost the tongue to yidish Aramaic. Although we Hebrews have never been Judeans and can never ever say we are but the Judeans can go on to claim that they are Hebrews. Only Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos Igbos can say who is Hebrew Hibow Ibo Igbo or not!

The test is in our language because:

Odum-eze even though they call him Adam-eve can never change.

Same with Kanu (kamanu) even though they call him Kain.

Ebule even though they call him Abel.

Nnaoha even though they call him Noah.

Chime even though they call him Shem.

ABiAMa, though they call him ABrAM(ham).

Isiaku even though they call him Isaac.

Down to Chikobu whom they call Jacob the father of the twelve!

Nze-Ritehood (not Naza-Ritehood) hidden in Numbers Chapter 6 is just activated again: These folks don't know what those rituals are all about and we never knew it from books, the book only confirmed what we knew in oral traditions and who our ancestors were! With the wrong logos, you create NOTHING! Hebrew/IGBO was the language of Creation! The world having been deceived about what is Hebrew language or not, have forced us to dare say, that indeed there could be two Hebrew languages in existence now on earth today:

But we shall explain!

They are:

The Paleo Hebrew spoken in Palestine and the root Hebrew spoken by the Hebows Hibos Ibos Igbos of NIGGAR-AREA or Negroland in Sub-Saharan where your ancestors came from. The Hebrew spoken by the Igbos in the Sub-Saharan is the original ancient tongue of the ABiAMa Okigbo BLOODLINE! But the one the rotchilds pay some Europeans claiming Jewish scholars to create with world central banks paper money is called yidish khazarian language: in its core, it is pidgin Arabic. Example is Shalom!

Now can't you see it clearly that "shalom Aleiken" is same thing and sound with "Salam Alekun"? Maybe you can not see nor understand this because not only that you are a deaf and a dumb but you are indeed a blind and had been crippled at the same time!

Nze iHECHIUWA (iESUA d'Nzereth 'iNRi')

The Hebrew Messiah spoke that Aramaic:

Like: "Eloi Eloi, lema sabak ta ni"

Eloi or Eli as Bible deformers tried to hide, is Allah Allah! Arabic pidgin!

Eloi is taken from Aramaic "Ellohim"and its root or etymology is Arabic Allahum!

Now these Hamites keep claiming Igbo without the language are in for a shocker! They must lean on the subject trending now to be relevant because they know the window is fast closing!

The subject they must lean on to be seen is: "ARE ONLY IGBOS THE HEBREWS ON EARTH? Without this catchy headline: they can't start talks: the reason is our overwhelming evidences which CHWH Okike ABiAMa have put out to the world from here so far through Hee.

So far, the panicking has started! You notice it from discussions such as this!

Why not say "Are khazarian Jews the only Hebrews on earth"?

The story has changed from European Jews to Igbos now. Why? Because tongues are now wagging on earth! TRUTH is about to be let out from it's bag!

The rumor is spreading and a lot of evidence is about to surface beyond what any man can argue! These evidences will make the tribes of this world to MOURN! Tell these folks that they need a Dahomey a Ghana a Yoruba a lemba and an Edo etc landing in America to be part of Deuteronomy 28:48;49;68! "Shihaa'mushi(tell them I said so)!

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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