Sep. 13, 2020


When you look into a mirror or the world, what do you see?

Quote: Matthew 26:11 KJV

For ye have the poor always with you;..

(There must always be poor people around us)


Somebody got to be the slave right. It was a time when all this stuff was free. Not everybody has a mind to own things but in today's world we need to promote black economics and be a positive influence on our people. So to say there will always be poor people is a low level of thinking. Always be a positive influence and always up lift our brothers and sisters.


The blind and the crippled persons of this planet have plenty of advantages than the MANY so called, seeing and running healthy people. Poverty of the mind coincides with spiritual barrenness! This is the inability to visualize and process full reality out of this false mundane and glaring but deceptive one.

Like having Joseph's Hebrew mentality and decision taking being informed from his knowledge of ancient traditions when confronted with the type of scenario Potipha's wife presented. That sort of mind's richness or mental inclination or knowledge of ancient ways unleashes some intellectually inexplicable and mysterious doors of opportunities for success in a slippery world such as this we all found ourselves in. Many of us as modern people think we know what we are doing. True and correct but, bad news is, we don't know what's doing us!

Joseph's mentality and decision or choice of action is more expensive than being a mother-fucker.

That’s why most folks dock from such an expensive way of living, but is this really expensive or simply living responsibly? I know those like Joseph who would prefer death or incarceration than living with such a scar on their conscience: but hei, this is an ancient test all the way from ANEDO(Eden).

Okay, to resort to being a mother fucker is way too easier and cheaper and a greater amount of people there would love such a way of living than having self control or living in denial of fleshly pleasures in a life their warped understanding already told them is once you live and die.

Truly Ibos (Hebrews) were sold by their brothers back then in Africa to redmen. But this is Hebrew's sign or smoking gun. (Brother sellers). Because each time mother nature wants to elevate the poor in Egypt, they must first be sold off by their brothers into slavery there for tests.

Did Joseph pass his tests and become a success after his sale? Of course yes! Did this generation of izrael pass their own tests when Potipha's wife came shaking her booty?

An impossibility. History tends to repeat itself manny! The lack of knowledge about who actually we are is our bane!

The above analysis is the metaphysical source of the quotation given above which somebody here mis-interpreted as lame because he thinks he is more cosmopolitan in his theories of success than others but alas, he is only a BUNCH OF IGNORANCE! There is more than meets the eye about life on plane earth.

If so-called quantum economists and chartered accountants know it as they claim, Wall Street will never fail, yet such bogus claims must be made. If the Pentagon with all their might has the keys, Russia will not be allowed a second time to flex any muscle against America. Man was not wired to know his tomorrows. Our tomorrows were supposed to be foggy. The most intelligent does not know anything.

The strongest is weak before this thing. And the wise is but a fool at its presence.

In conclusion, the Earth is not a democracy unlike you are brainwashed to believe. It is a highly dynamic and unstable place yet highly organized beyond our scope and strength of comprehension. It is a survival of the fittest of the fittest of the most fittest. It's not intellectually organized to be fully comprehensible to finite three dimensional mortals yet.

Because of these difficulties, stupid people must abound to be enslaved by others.. who can afford to endure and sacrifice certain things others can’t figure out.

just pray you are not part of the enslaved for no part of the word of CHWH can go out and return to HIM void. “The poor must always be found amongst us”.

The only good thing about all these is that for everyone who rightly seeks, there is knowledge to be found especially if the seeker is humble: Proverbs 2:4 KJV

[4] If thou seekest WISDOM as silver,

and searchest for her as for hid treasures;

Proverbs 2:5 KJV

[5] Then shalt thou understand the fear of CHWH OKIKE, and find the knowledge of CHI ALMIGHTY. (There is a condition: UNDERSTANDING THE FEAR OF, BEING HUMBLE BEFORE HIM(HER) OPENS YOUR MIND FOR HIS(HER) HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE.

To every right knocker, a door must open. As you rightly(wrongfully) labour so shall you rightly(wrongfully) reap. What you strongly wish for and desires, given the right sacrifices, could be had. Everything here is on the need to know basis. First come first serve basis!

No two persons are endowed equally on earth!All the bushes in the forest are not even uniformly equal nor do our fingers!

The world is a hierarchy and therefore just try your best to find your place in them!!!!


Chialoma UmuCHWH Okike.


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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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