Sep. 17, 2020


Leave Nigerarea alone, leave awusa alone, and leave Yoruba alone,

"onweghi ebe orara anyi na ndia nine".

If you can not let go of those petty politicking, then you are in the category of the small minded myopic politicians who can not see the biggest picture. The picture you are called to face; is the jews, who stole your heritage and controlled everything on earth with that stolen heritage.

The heritage is THE NAME OF TMHCHI.

That name is the Tetragrammaton!

The word "Jew" does not mean what they say to all of you. Hebrews nearly destroyed Pharos Egypt just with that name alone. The true meaning of it is the highest NAME in heaven and on Earth. It was what Moses wrote down as YHWH 7000 years ago which evidently was unpronounceable to outsiders due to lack of vowels in ancient Hebrew writings or texts. The Jews which visited the Hebrew Enclave in the sub-Saharan 500 years back, whose ship is still lying there at OBUGAD, learnt that "YH" in Hebrew is pronounced as "CH" so they created "JH".

Moses' YHWH no sooner became JHWH and heralding the rebirth of the smelly khazars into "Jew" and world domination! The leadership or Jewish elite knew the lost Tetragrammaton's vowel to be "u" but they kept it hidden and in 1800s suddenly discovered that 'iehuddah' could be used as the source of the meaning of the newly created 'power-word' "Jew" originally written as "jhuwhu" to "juhu" and "juwu" but finally left as "Jew".

An Igbo word perfectly stolen and Englishnized!

It is a lie to claim that the word "jew" as a word was formed from iehuddah. No, it was from JHuWHu! "Jew or JHuWHu or YHuWHu" is JHWH or YHWH or CHWH, the Most Holy NAME of the ancient CHi of the Hebrews given to Moses as "YHWH", ..the true sound again in modern English should be "JHWH" for "JHuWHu"(Jew).

Wake up! Hebrews and stop using vain NAMES as the NAME of the Most High. Your diminition is hidden in the wrong names you call the CHi(God) of your ancestors. (Key: if my people which are called by my name..2chro7:14.) TMHCHi has only ONE Holy NAME on Earth.

You can cry all you want, TMHCHi CHWH Commands in the 3rd LAW to Moses that Hebrews shall never address HIM in vain names. Now, with the right SACRAMENTALS, "CHWH" "JHWH" "YHWH" pronounced correctly as "CHuWHu" or "CHukWHu" is more than enough for any man, nation or people under this sun.

Keep the Decalogue near and never play with the Passover sacraments. Get a true Hebrew aAron priest consecrated for these things and then watch. Man is like a tree. When you re-plant yourself into the right fertile land, take your time to regrow, don't rush. Know of a surety that your growth is guaranteed and coded in Mark 4:26 to 29 rounds.

Without Africa EUROPE will fall.

Jews are behind the reaping of Africa blind from Europe. They control the economy of the whole of EUROPE. Hitler nearly broke their grips but he failed, why? He does not know the name of CHWH Okike ABiAMa and perhaps never used it in all his search for the greatest principalities of this world during his search. The closest they suspected was going to ETHIOPIA to raid Selassie in search of the Ark!

The Ark was never in Ethiopia!

Now it seems Europe is waking to destroy the Jews again. But they have run off to Asia. They are the hidden hands behind the economic magic you hear about China.

You think China suddenly becomes a nation of wizards and wise men while AMERICA overnight rescinds into some moronic third world nation of destitutes and homeless people right?

Think AGAIN!

America and Europe were outsourced to Asia. A third world continent with the most huge population could hide them a little longer! They own all so called miraculous high networth companies in China and all Asia. They own South Korea, China and Hong Kong and every other remote island they can find. They run the Global deep state through their Global banking cartels or World Bank or Central Banks. They own all Central Banks on earth.

They need to activate 666 badly in order to manage at least 4billion humans.

The rest must go. So long as there is no counter to this from Hebrew; CHWH is under obligation to answer any circumcised man who does what HE says. How many of you got this?

They want total world domination!

Only Hebrews can stop them. True Hebrews not mother fuckers. Leaving some dirty beards and chanting Yiddish gibberish is not enough! The resources Jews need to continue running this world is always in Africa. The Hebrews would have chased them out of Africa if our ancestors were not caged a long time. These thieves robbed us blind and then ran back into their Europe and then created visas to cage us from entering their own countries. They never came into Africa with visas! The trans Atlantic slave trade was meant to stop the Hibo Aros or aAROns who planned the first Temple of CHWH and nearly created the subsaharan Hebrew kingdom in the middle ages before this end time.

The whole white men are called oyibo by Nigerians but are they? What is the meaning of that word? How did it come about?

"Oyibo" means "onye-igbo".

Only the Hamite Africans in Nigeria surrounding the Semitic Hebrews uses that name to address white people, Semitic Hebrews call them Bekee. Once from EUROPE, they were told the tribe to look for in the subsaharan for rounding-up. The group are the ancient Torahic Semitic HEBREWS dispersed into the sub-Saharan 7000 years back. If they could not find and round Hebrews up and cage them, their plans to pillage Africa and use her resources to control the world might not work.

So the first question the Europeans asked every Black man they met is "are you "oyibo"?

Before long, this question to every Black man found around the bight of Benin became their name... "Oyibo". But indeed it means "onye-igbo" not white-man.

Hibos don't call them "oyibo". Hebrews call them "nwa-bekee". That is 'the brothers of rev. baike'.

The first modern Hibo man ever to use the Tetragrammaton and unleashed a little of it's potential was Oluda Ikwuano (Olauda Equiano). The name alone when transcribed into English means "The Four Related Consonants". Among Hebrews the four related Consonants is the name of the most high CHi as revealed to the Hebrews through Moses in ANCIENT TIME. That four Consonants is YHWH or JHWH, rightly pronounced as CHWH.

Under this name though indirectly used Olauda Equiano became a success story in the field of navigations, negotiations, scribe(book writing). He was an educator, abolitionist(civil liberties right advocacy). In fact he had all the powers to be a Hebrew, pioneer in many things way back 1700.


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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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