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 is about the arrival of The LIGHT-THING we call here as: iHE'CHi'UWA or iE'S'UA or IHEANEDO {LIGHT(ZION/ORION/Oriona/menorah) OF CHWH/JHWH/YHWH TO THE WORLD} 


We speak about it in a quiet, not too loud of a tone. It's there in the cloud overseeing the setting up of "The new City or Jerusalem which shall soon come down from the cloud". Right now everyone can see it! 

No one can say they have not seen it or did not understand it. It's absurd to call it UFO. That's why the ancient winged "Light of the world" bearing image with some golden wings is placed side by side with the modern update that looks like a UFO so those of you with discernments can see and understand. However I am afraid that it's still not the case hence this extra explanation because it's not even only you asking!

After the year 2012 and the Mayans Aztecs cataclysmic calendar stuff

the world changed completely to where we are today though seamlessly! The change is evident in a world wide sudden recognition of black people, something no one knows where or how it came about. 

The word "WOKE" is not pure English slang but black People's pidgin English!


The reason is for lots of black people to become divinely inspired to reeducate the world again about themselves. No one will do it for you. No one is even interested in doing things that benefit others! It's like an unnatural Law to do otherwise! There is a recognized problem with the former type of hope (that one would have to study through mainstream school systems in order to know how and what to speak about oneself) is that only white or red people control the global education's system NARRATIVES about what is what historically, scientifically, etc academically and through those control of global People's education curriculum, what knowledge the black man needs to re-educate the world about himself was deliberately either destroyed or hidden away from him in books very exorbitant for him to access or buy. 

So what happened exactly in the years beyond 2012 globally? The old world or realm in which we lived died or expired and we are ushered into this realm where it is possible for 3 dimensional beings to merge with higher dimensional beings seamlessly. This statement may look far fetched but it's the TRUTH because it doesn't have to be painful as we thought! Death has never been what we thought of it. Even the ones we see as most painful.

This is a wonderful time because now our body soul and mind is fine-tuned to accept communication like a radio system from other realms other than this, if we have active non calcified pineal glands. We are fine-tuned to receive lost messages and relay it back to everyone that's paying attention: it's even written: 

Isaiah 44:7 KJV

And who, as I, shall call, and shall declare it, and set it in order for me, since I appointed the ancient people (Ndi-Gboo, the Iboes Hebrews)? 

about the things that are coming, 

and shall come, 

Let them shew unto the rest of the world!

Eat and do only such things legally accepted that can help and not harm the pineal. By legal I mean not the law of the land. But by the decalogue. All laws of Present earthly nations are illegal. Apart from receiving messages from off world entities concerning our lost black civilizations through the pineal, the entire body could be taken over by benevolent off world entities who are locally called Angels or AnunuCHis. They are benevolent to our cause or suffering because they have been our invisible guide and friends in those years beyond 2012 when we were highly oppressed and depressed by our enemies as a result of CHWH's judgement over us. 

Don't allow any person to DECEIVE you. AnunuCHis are nothing but Angels and the negative ones are called demons who actually were rebellious and fallen Angels or servants of Lucifer. See REVELATION 12! Don't allow any idiot to change this narrative!

There is no modernization of the DOCTRINE of Angels. All Angels are either servants of the Good Most High CHi Almighty or servants of Evil and despicable Devil!

What the SCRIPTURE says millions of years back about everything is still as relevant today as it was millions years ago! This is the only time Angels or AnunuCHis or Orionites are allowed to enter into our consciousness and possess us exactly as demons have been doing for eons here on earth! 2000 years ago Nze iHE'CHi'UWA (iE'S'UA d'Nzereth) was busy casting them (demonic agents{fallen Angels} servants of Satan) out of human beings because they possess humans illegally!

Matthew 8:16 KJV

When the evening was come, they brought unto him MANY that were possessed with devils(demons/fallen Angels/legionnaire servants of Satan): and he cast out the spirits(invisible ENTITIES) with His word..

We have evolved and reached the epoch in time when benevolent angels are allowed legally to incarnate us at birth or take over the entirety of our body and possess us and use us to do good things for our People and the to help better our world that is about being destroyed by Satan and his children: the red people.

The red people who call themselves white are not Edomites. Edomites are black people. Many of them live in Nigeria and many of them live in America today as black Americans! Their major work is to sabotage and sell out Hebrews by infiltration and giving information to agents of Satan who they swore to help destroy us. They do this because it is in their nature to be wicked to iZrael even without knowing it. They are very vulnerable black people who are incapable of keeping the Law of the Hebrews! This weakness makes them vulnerable to be used by Satan to sabotage iZrael. 

A definitive exposé about who exactly are the tribes of Edomites in Africa and on earth is coming!These people who you call Edomites because they are red, hairy and wicked to you today are not Edomites but the direct children or servants of Satan. JThey are the servants of the fallens. That's why they boldly tell you they are RED CHILD (ROTCHILD)


Their legion is headed on earth by these imposters who call themselves Jews but are not. All Europeans are homo-sapiens not hue-manus! There's a difference which is kept hidden from you! Sapiens denotes to a serpent! 

Serpent is a cold blooded Animal.

The EUPHEMISM to what is "synagogue of Satan". The Bible is a book of tacit codes about truth but in a veil manner. The consciously aware Hebrews are by the help of CHWH unsealing the SCRIPTURE for the rest of our people.

Not all humans can be used by the AnunuCHis. Many of us must die and many shall be woken by others who are themselves woke yet many shall PERISH!

Daniel 11:32-33 KJV

And such as do wickedly (Ancient People who follow them to worship Baal every sunDAY: something that is) against the Abiama (Abram)covenant (of the ancient People: the Hebrews) 

shall he corrupt by flatteries(inside his church)

but the ancient-people (Nd'igbo'o Nigoo Nigroe) that do know their CHi(god) shall be strong, and do exploits. 

33: And they that understand among the ancient people (Iboes Hebrews) shall instruct MANY: 

yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days. 


You say you don't know why we encourage you people to vote for him? 

Our answer is the same since October of 2015 twelve months before his election: the URIM chose him. That's all that matters! 

It's published in the oracle's of peace of CHWH on the Niger! Furthermore, you should know that: The worst white nationalist and supremacist government on earth is a million times better for any patriotic nation-minded Black person anywhere on earth than any socialist and liberal government sympathetic to the new world order swamp creatures ruling Americans administratively as Democrats today!

TRUMP is one of the American White supremacists but patriotic persons who for now knows how to deal with these swamp creatures.  Of course you are still free to elect to help those who wants to be seen as the police of the world sending innocent American sons and daughters to die all over the world or those who love to kill babies in the womb or those who just perfected plans to swap the black Americans civil rights agitations with LGBT People's rights or who wants the sovereignty of nations to fail by opening up all bothers on every country on earth or those who are trying to take People guns from them so they can try to rule them by proxy using UNO apparatus to put them in Wal-Mart prisons: that's your business choice wanne!

People on earth for once should take responsibility: (credit or blame) that follows their informed or poor choice of the type of government they get for themselves!


Mama Chiamanda

02.02.2021 18:34

This so powerful with truth knowledge I am truely blessed to be a student of Hebrewism.

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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