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Song of Solomon 1:1, 5-6 KJV

[1] The song of songs, which is Solomon's.

(composed and owned by King Solomon)

[5] I am black, but comely, (I am black and black is beautiful)

O ye daughters of Jerusalem, 

(I am) as (black as) the tents of Kedar 

(like the color of the world of the Akedians) 

as the curtains of Solomon (this is the king's royal favorite color).

[6] Look not (down) upon me, 

because I am black for the sun hath looked upon me: 

(do not discriminate against us because we are blacks and or as Africans who lived and came from the center of the equator whom nature gave HIS melanin).

This verses traces how old and ancient discrimination against blacks has been around or how long the world has looked down racistly upon blacks ever since the days of king Solomon).

This is the testimony of the wisest man on earth!


See Moses' marriage with a black woman in Numbers 12.1.. KJV.

(If he was not black and not content with the daughter of Jethro, an Arab woman, then CHWH would have hidden the fact of Moses' blackness and origins from us). 

Now Moses was the Holiest man on earth for whose sake CHWH destroyed nations, even Miriam, his sister for speaking against this marriage.


What of the Judge of izrael and the strongest man on earth who had 7 strands of locks(dreadLocks) which was said to be the source of his Might and for which was the target of his enemies? (Judges 16:13 KJV). 

Now if all these MEN were blacks, 

who else in the Bible was white.

Solomon's, Moses' and Samson's fathers, 

or the Hebrew Nation they once ruled?

These 3 impossible men are the best in whatever they did 

and are ancient codes in plain but veiled(hidden) sight.

The Apocalyptic Unsealings of HEE

OoM Urim Shepherd of Ephraim on the Niger

and Ethiope Rivers Zephaniah 3:10 KJV

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