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NOT EVERYONE ON EARTH IS A HUE-manu. Hue-manus had original languages but... others copied it and uttered it in great lisps! Most tribes on earth have a faculty in their education system where they teach just ETYMOLOGY.

A scientific study of how, when and where things like languages or words incapable of being stolen were actually stolen from. Hebrews means Ancient people nd'IGBO'o pronounced by Europeans as {Ibos Hibows Hebrews} whose home originally was from behind the rivers called as "Ethiope or Black or Niger" Zephaniah 3:10 (Gates of Eden (aNEDo)). Now great linguistic researchers are in agreement that Babel was the allegory of the scattering of one global language into many in an epic tale. This language is the language of The Most Ancient of People "nd'IGBO'o" hence the conclusion that all language on earth came from the Subsaharans.

World's languages traced back to a single African mother tongue ...


They are careful not to mention which tribe of the Subsaharans because saying it will throw the lid open a CAN Of WORMS the world is not prepared for yet. But hey... It's the Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos Igbos language and the Torah supplies us with all the clues.

Language like people all came out of Africa - Telegraph.


World's Languages Traced Back To Africa - Africa Speaks.com


Every language evolved from a single prehistoric mother tongue first.


Most Ancient Languages Are From Africa | Covert Truth


Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos Igbos whose language was scattered in Babel to give rise to other languages on earth has no use for any etymology in their language because there is non.

For example 'The Hebrew word "UWA" meaning "The World" in Hebrew/Ibo SENSE is the etymology of the European word "UNIVERSE" pronounced with a lisp though they d rather all be dead that agree on this.

Ancient Europeans were great lispers and by now you all know why most Hebrew NAMES or words in the scripture ended up as they do today. Examples are Elizabeth, Elias, Judas, Thomas, James, Jesus, Barabbas, Moses, Ramses, etc which all ends on "s or th". Language of the WISE.

U _ WA 

U _ WA _ s

Uni _ wa _ th

Uni _ wer _ s 

Uni _ Ver _ s.



"A snake, am I? Perhaps you'd like to seehow ssnake-like I can BE!"JAFAR, ALADDIN

Thissss iss a Ssssself Demonssssstrating Article:

Ssnaketalk iss the tendenccy of any ssnake or ssnake-like creature/persson to sspeak sso that any ssibilant ssound becomess "ss", pressumably to imitate a ssnake hisssing.

Ssometimess appliess sssso broadly it affectsss any reptilian creature - even when it doessn't make any sssenssssse. Asss much asss a talking reptile can make sssenssssse anyway, even if every other Talking Animalisss perfectly capable of talking.

You ssssee, reptilesss do communicate with one-another, but it tendss to be largely visssual; dissssplaying boldly colored frillsss or cresstss and sssuch. Sseveral sspeciessss don't even have vocal chordss and have rather poor sssenssess of hearing. It'sss really only sssenssible to the writersss, sssinccce they think sssscaly creaturess are grosssss, ssso they mussst ssssound sssscary. Black Sssspeech takess thiss a ssstep further, and consssstructs a whole language out of it, albeit far lesssss pleasssing to the ear.

Often employed by Lizard Folk, Ssssnake People, and The Reptilianssss.

Ssssee also Fang Thpeak, Vampire Vordsss. http://allthetropes.wikia.com/wiki/Sssssnaketalk .



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