Oct. 31, 2020


This is where you must take your direction: CHWH JHWH YHWH The Tetragrammationwhich is poorly translated into English as Almighty-God or God-Almighty. But in proper Hebow(Ibo) to English transcription, it ought to be: (God-Big/biggest or Big/biggest-God) ie CHi-Big/Biggest or Big/Biggest-CHi pronounced CHu-WHu or CHu-kWHu, or CHWH | JHWH | YHWH when the vowels are removed.

Keep in mind, Hebrews did not write with vowels but with consonants only. These were the ancient Hebrew consonants of course, which are not more than twelve. This is where you find one hieroglyph for 'CH' sound representing more than one modern consonant sounds such as C, J, JH, S, SH, Y,  and YH. Might I add, the consonant sound for 'T' is also being used for 'D' and sound for 'P' being used for 'B' etc, etc.


Now the word 'god' derived from Egyptian Anubis, an underworld tutelary deity.

The ancient name Anubis was derived from the ancient HIboe(Hebrew) phrase: Anu bu isi nkita (Anubuisinkita). This in English translates to the dogheaded entity.We saw it there in Egypt and the pharaoh bragged about them during the time when we Hebrews(Iboes) were ravaging and leaving Egypt to our promised land!

Anubis was worshiped in ancient Egypt as one of their pantheons! It was from there the Europeans got their warped concept of "Godhead". This was because many of their wise men studied in Egypt! In Jerusalem, a Hebrew(Iboe) city near Egypt, Hebrew(Iboe) Judeans of course confronted those Europeans who called themselves then as the Helenists. They were confronted for trying to corrupt the holiness and sanctity of the concept of our CHi Okike or CHi Neke into the abominations disguised in the word 'godhead', exactly as the 'dog-headed' graven images made from gold, silver or woods, which the Europeans stumbled upon in Egypt'.

They denied and sent us words from ROME saying:

Acts 17:29 KJV

Forasmuch then as we are also the offsprings of god (as you Hebrews)

no one ought to therefore think that our godhead is like unto the ones made of gold, or silver, or stone, which are the graven images made by the art of man's devices.

The feud raged until 700BC, not 70BC, when Ojiuda(Judea) was by Rome completely raised to the grounds with no stone left on top of where any building was and many who were not dead were sacked into the wilderness. The abomination, the mother church, which maketh desolate was foisted on everyone on earth!

Many of the children of the king of heaven (umu-Ezelu/children of izrael) they killed upside down, many they lynched on trees, many they hung from rooftops, many they roasted with fire, many were buried alive, and many they sold as slaves to labor and prostitute in Rome. From then till this day, they still rule the world with these abominations, deceptions and the distortion of the truth which they casted down on the ground with a very fake re-legion. A re-legion that abhors our Ajaoku Passover and in lawlessness disobeys the heart of iwuCHWH(leviticu) which is SIBBATHA(command them come indoors for sacred worship on the last 8day not 7th day of the Hebrew week. Even the 8th day calendar was destroyed by them for this purpose and Daniel captured it in his prophecy about those who would think to change time and seasons)!

Somehow shamelessly our people are still following these vamines after all these years of brutal transatlantic slave trading on Hebrews(Iboes) of Ephraim(Oferemiri/those who crossed over waters).

We even are still following them after colonialism; following after  their sodomic and pedophilic priesthood that shave the skins of the sheep, wear or eat them rather than feed the flock with the true bread of life!


Acts 17:30-31 KJV

In the time of ignorance CHWH Okike Abiama winks...

But when knowledge has come, only judgement awaits the lawless!

31: Because CHWH hath appointed a day, in the which HE shall judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained!

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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