Jan. 8, 2021


The oldest name is g^ (Gihon{g-horn}) not alkebulan or any other nonsense. This name first appeared in Genesis, the first book of the oldest book on earth! That's in Nduoa (Torah)(lifetree or tree of life). Do we need any other book? It appeared as a name of a river around Ethiope (A name Later changed to Ethiopia in 1948).

From the above mentioned places, there’s no other evidence that can qualify unless the source is of course older than the Nduora(Bible). This is the place of creation. The Home and throne of the Most Ancient People of plane-earth. Khazarian jews tried so hard to bring this name into Palestine but failed.

It's a bird's eye view of what you call African map today from space! You will without doubt see 'g' with a horn! It's a mysterious name if you understand that a horn symbolizes power.

No other place on earth is like it. It is the proverbial land that flows endlessly and forever with milk and honey. The rest of the world has been milking it since 1400 till this day and it's not even touched! The next move is to exterminate it's owners. Mind you gihonites procreated every idiot on the face of this planet that wants to kill them today! She is so much to the point that she is the biggest continent on earth and for a reason her true size is hidden from gihonites themselves. We know our continent is the only continent on plane-earth, the rest are mere islands around us. We know that all the nukes ever created on earth by our enemies can't even decimate one region out of the 5 regions of Nigeria, talk less of the rest of the vast expansion of our continent!

They think we don't know why they resorted to chemical and biological germ warfares in this endtime battle, it's because their nukes are useless and they hope our youths don't realize this. We shall win you idiots even without raising one finger. That's as powerful as we are. We speak to strength and power and something unusual and unanticipated happens somewhere !

Actually the name Gihon sounds European, but all European languages had its origin in Greeks. And the Greek language from Hebrew. Hebrew is Iboe, and that Igbo is from Ndigboo ancient people whose responsibility it is to inform the world about things in the past and coming in the future. The Europeans tried corrupting Ndigboo to Nigoo and to Nigroe(Negroe) or Niggar, and finally to Niger. It simply means Ancient People who birthed this world.

ANCIENT PEOPLE: Spiritual definition.

Isaiah 44:7 KJV

And who, as I, {CHWH JHWH YHWH Okike Abiama (the creator God Almighty of Abram)}, shall call, and declare and set things in order for me, since I appointed The ANCIENT PEOPLE {NDIGBOO} about the things that are coming in the future, and have come in the past, let them shew to the world!



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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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