Nov. 4, 2020


"Tronomy" is a suffix of the European tribes' snake tongues. It is added to several compound words to create a single simple meaning. Usually in any field of learning or investigation or research. Kind of an old word for scientific investigation or research into any field of knowledge!

Key to any -tronomy definition lies in understanding the meaning of its first word(not a suffix).


First word DEU from DEI means "GOD" .

Second word is TRONOMY meaning "Scientific Investigation" .

Therefore DEUTERONOMY is a word whose meaning circles around the following: "scientific inquiry into the nature, mind or heart of CHWH ([CHi] God-Almighty)!

The interesting thing here is how Europeans, especially the Greeks, arrived at the word DEU/DEI. Your key is in the sound(phonologue).

They do not pronounce it with a "D". They use "CHu" instead! They were trying to pronounce the Hebrew word: "CHu-WHu'' meaning ([CHi] God-big/God-Almighty) Genesis 17:1, Exodus 6:3). The true Tetragrammaton phonologue! "DUE" is pronounced "CHu or JHu {CHu-WHu/JHu-WHu}" Therefore European DEUTERONOMY is in fact "CHWH-tronomy pronounced as: CHu-tronomy" {JHu-tronomy}. More like scientific spirituality, spiritual science or divine science.

Welcome to Hebrewism(Igboism).


Norbert Gray

22.08.2021 20:17

Okay so where do I go from here to learn to pronounce and the proper name of the most high I need specific study material and Hallelujah

Site Admin

23.08.2021 17:52

Others are: Tyrell Eferemiri, Jeremy Bold, Ephraim Bell, Hope Chika Abiama, Chiamanda Ngozi, Innor Ibe, Nation of Hebrew Izrael in Diaspora, Priesthood Ephraim, etc etc.

Site Admin

23.08.2021 17:47

You will trace the following people on Facebook, send friends request to them and ask them to guide you. Dada Chayil Sava, Dada Chayil, Anthony Odum, Mama-Gihon Sofia Abiama, Dan Nwanze, Latisha Simm,

Norbert Gray

22.08.2021 14:55


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