Nov. 5, 2020


The word "Jew" was invented around 1400 AD (700 years later after the destruction of Judea by Rome and their churchianity: a Roman abomination see Mathew 24'15 and Daniel 12'11, was successfully set up in all the high places of Jerusalem in Judah(Judea).

By 1400 AD (700 years later after the successful siege and destruction of Jerusalem) the bold unholy Roman pontiff sent some of his Portuguese (the ancient people called them 'potokri') expedition to the heart of the richest region of this earth where CHWH Okike Abiama sent and hid ancient iZrael, the 10 tribes or the house of Ephraim, who 7000 years ago were sent packing (dispersed daughters of Zion Zephaniah 3'10 KJV if you ever read about the dispersal of Ephraim in 2 Kings 17:18...KJV)

The richest spot on earth is the Sub-Saharan.

There's where mother Hibos are hiding till this date... Behind the rivers of Ethiope(not Ethiopia) and Niger.

When the expedition landed from their ship, their orders from Rome among other things was to retrieve from the Iboes 'the exact sound they make when they pronounced the name of their God'.

That sound was 'JHukWHu' or 'JHuWHu' ! (In English this is: 'God-Almighty' see Genesis:17'1 and Exodus:6'3 KJV)

This discovery revolutionized the lost TetragrammaCHi from 'YHWH' to 'JHWH' and instantly again an update to the name 'YHWH' was made and it was 'JHWH' (JHew).

The Ashkenazi expedition from Portugal could not pronounce JHuWHu's name

so they settled for 'JHoo' which later morphed into 'JHew' and by 1700AD, the word 'Jew' was proclaimed to be the national name of those who call themselves JHuWHu's-children

but are NOT..but are the synagogue of Satan

Revelations 2&3:9 KJV.


JHewish (JHuWHu's) children actually doesn't mean Judaism's-children.

It means 'The children of God(CHi)-Almighty'

See again Genesis:17'1 and Exodus:6'3 KJV

Ashkenazi Jews are mere converts to Judaism!

Publisher of all works of HEE {Imperator of Hebrewism(Igboism)}

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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