Nov. 8, 2020


This is the most absurd and grotesque twisting of the truth.

That KHaemet is older than Hebrews.

KHaemet is exactly Hamite from Ham, the second son of Nnaoha oDuMeZe, a Hebrew himself.

How can Ham(KHaem) be older than his own fathers?

What useless people are these?

Some more twisted versions of the scripture from Europeans fraudulently added one Japhet to the list of names of the children of Nnaoha oDuMeZe apparently to make a lame case perhaps for the emergence red-skins instead of the usual humus skins from humus earth from where you get the name hue-mans, now how much worse does this get when you have hogwash coming from black people themselves even from fools with Hebrew bloods running in them?

Nnaoha oDuMeZe(Noah of aDaMeVe) was the person who narrated "Okike-uwa", the earliest and foremost oral rendition of the truest account of World-kreation(Okike-uwa) in the first place and most recently by Europeans who miscalled it as Genesis!

The name of the first Kreated "manu"(person) miscalled recently by Europeans as "man" was by the Hebrews called not Adam and Eve but as ODuMeZe(Lion king).

ODuMeZe was half manu(man)

and half anu-manu{animal(Lion)}

His two sons were kanu(kamalu/Akanu) thunder tiller of the ground and his 2nd son was Ebule(Abel) meaning son of sheep instead of "keeper of sheep". Usually Ebule are used for ritual sacrifices! And indeed his brother kanu(Cain) used him. Was his sacrifice accepted: read the scripture and be the logical judge.

Before the incidences of Kanu and Ebulle his brother, Nnaoha oDuMeZe already had narrated how his father oDuMeZe was the only manu(man) created on Earth and he became the king of all creatures but had no wife but finally after he pleaded with father the creator for a wife like other animals, CHWH caused him to fall asleep and opened his ribs and took out a piece and from it formed a woman(nameless in the ancient Hebrew Hebow Eboe Ibo Igbo NdiGboo Nigoo Negroe Niger Neguz Oral traditions).

The name of the volume Okike uwa was recorded first on earth was called: "ikpo-Oha" or Nduorah nke uwa mbu. Meaning tree of endless life from the ancient world in English!

Later when the ancient ones were chased out of Ala-Edo(a land of gold/land of Eden), the Okike-uwa(world creation) accounts and narratives were moved into oral traditions and from here many details lost and few returned into the scripture.

Among the aARO-iWu-CHWH (Aaron-Liviticu) clan(tribe) of the HEBREWS Hebows Hibos Ibos Igbos NdiGboos Nigoos Negroes Nigers Negus, the Okike-uwa narratives is a well preserved into a very powerful oral traditional songs right until this day!

In addition, the word "Hebrew" means ancient people see and they are the progenitors of every damn person on earth see Isaiah 44:7, 47:6 KJV.

What the fool who wrote the above meme about KHaemet and Hebrews would have claimed was that the ancient book Nduorah(Torah) was originally revealed to the two children of Nnaoha oDuMeZe(Noah of aDaMeVe) and that the KHaemetic "book of the dead" was a negative but same version of the positive "book of Life" Nduora is given to the Shemitics too because the contents and subjects tend to look alike!

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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