Nov. 10, 2020


People claim there's no law in the commandments or the entire scriptures condemning smoking. They say not even one could be found. But we beg to differ because!

The scripture is not a literature book. Most people read it as such. 

The scripture always talks about: Drinks and Strong-drinks simultaneously almost everywhere they are found. 

Truth is that, the European transmission of the ancient Hebrew Hebow Eboe scripts into their own language were highly flawed with inaccurate transcription of meanings and senses in which ancient people communicated ideas.

Unless Eboes boldly comes forward and does justice to the entire works of the Old Testament scripture, lots of people will continue to be lost trying to understand the Bible using European sense who actually were guilty of plagiarizing Hebrew scripts or scriptures! 

In ancient Hebrew language, drinking is synonymous with smoking because in an ancient Eboe sense, the same processes involved in drinking water are the same processes involved when you consume smoke. 

Iboes do not eat water and we do not eat smoke but Iboes or ancient people drink both water and smoke. The same process called inu(drinking) is involved in the consumption of water and smoke. 

Inu mmiri(to drink water) 

Inu-anwuru(to drink smokes). 

Any Hebrew law condemning Drinking definitely affects both smoking and the consumption of liquid intoxicating substances. 

Judges 13:4 KJV

Now therefore beware, I pray thee,

drink not wine(liquid substances that intoxicates) 

nor strong drinks(non liquid substances that also intoxicates even stronger than intoxicating wines),  (in conclusion) eat not any unclean thing! 

Kings and prince's who preserve justice and give judgments do not get involved with drinks and strong drinks.

Only fools do! 

Proverbs 31:4 KJV

It is not fitting for kings and princes to indulge in drinking wines; nor strong drinks:

Luke 1:15 KJV

For he shall be great in terms of the knowledge of His CHi(God), and shall drink neither wine nor strong drinks;

and he shall be filled with the Holy Spirit,

even from his mother's womb.

The above verse is a secret verse for  those highly interested in being gifted in the spirit of CHWH Okike Abiama the keretor, we have nothing to do with intoxicants because of it's polluting and unclean nature! 

Isaiah 5:11 KJV

Woe unto them that rise up early in the morning,

that they may follow after strong-drinks;

and continue until night, till wine inflames them!

Isaiah 5:22 KJV

Woe unto them that are mighty in drinking wine, 

and men of strength who love to mingle(experiment with) strong-drinks:

Isaiah 28:7 KJV

But the pastors of this world also have erred through wine,

and through strong-drinks they are all out of the ancient people's way/path (Hebrewism: Jeremiah 6:16, Jeremiah 18:15, Isaiah 57:14, Isaiah 62:10 KJV) 

these fake priests and the prophets have all erred through strong-drinks(drugs)

they are swallowed up of intoxicating wines. 

They are out of the ancient way/path (Hebrewism Jeremiah 6:16, Jeremiah 18:15, Isaiah 57:14, Isaiah 62:10 KJV) through strong-drinks. They have all erred in all visions. They also stumbled in all judgments. For them the scripture is completely sealed up until this endTIMES Daniel 12'4&9 KJV! 

Proverbs 16:27 IKV (KJV)

An ungodly man diggeth up evil (from the earth like:

Tobacco, Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroine, Ayahuasca etc etc)

and in his lips there is (something like.. or) as(if) a burning fire! 


Proverbs 20:1 KJV

Wine is a mocker, strong drink(drugs) is raging: 

and whosoever is deceived(addicted) thereby(in them) is not wise.


From The Raven's Sanctuary

beyond the rivers of Ethiope and Niger Zephaniah 3'10KJV. 

His Eminence eldeziella


Ancient one of ancient people


Urim shepherd of Ephraimite Izrael

(umu-Eferemiri/umu-Ezelu 2ESDRAS13'40KJV)


Chinni tadi

12.11.2022 18:36

Xlent message tq


14.03.2022 17:23

this teaching makes a lot of sense.I can see the comparison with ones behavior that are addicted or even recreational consumption is apparent to the scriptures.

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Udo Chialoma,
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