Nov. 12, 2020


TAKE WISDOM not nonsense!

The words:

"Yaa" or "YaH" or "YHa"

or "Jaa" or "JaH" or "JHa":

All came from gentiles who claim they are Hebrews but are not. Revelations 2&3:9.

They being lost about the missing vowels and consonants of the Tetragrammaton:


created their own false and fake vowels and consonants to force_speak a Hebrew or Iboew or Igbo Language they know nothing about!!

Your Yaa or YaH or YHa or Jaa or JaY or JHa is not the true name of the Hebrews Most High CHi(God)!

See Hosea 2:16 very important!

Yaa/YaH/YHa or Jaa/JaH/JHa

is yiddish fabrication!

The vowel missing in the tetragrammaton is a combo of "i" or "u".

If only you knew the ancient people and their language!

"iSHi" in Hosea 2:16 is a very close rendition!

Close but not really the modern word.

Ancient Hebrew text or letter for the consonant sounds of the Tetragrammaton are:

YH/SH/JH/CH and just one hieroglyph sign “π” is required for all the four consonants!

So when you have "YH" or "JH" or "CH" there, rather than "SH", to get your true sound or pronounce, you will have the following:

If "Y" then you get iYHi

If "J" then you get iJHi

If "C" then you get iCHi.

"iSHi" was too remote and ancient.

Modern Eboes no longer use the initial vowel "i" as in "iCHi" or "iJHi" or "iSHi" or "iYHi" for this name. They remove it as in:


or SHu/YHu/JHu/CHu.

Using the initial vowel was the norm in ancient times and by:

"iSHi" or iYHi, every Iboe was sworn to honesty in everything or every way.

Eg: idu-iSHi (idu-n'iYHi) or iñu-iYHi(iñu-iSHi)

Deuteronomy 6:13 KJV

Thou shalt fear CHWH/JHWH/YHWH thy CHi(God) and serve HIM, and shalt swear by HIS NAME.

Is the ABOVE the true name rendition?

You must embark on a pilgrimage again to Igboland to rediscover which of the four consonants CH/JH/SH/YH with one hieroglyphic π sound, is the modern true and correct sound or pronounce for the consonant of the mangled Tetragrammaton?

Go ask the Hebrews (iboews/igbos)!

They live behind the River (s) of Ethiope Zeph 3:10. (not rivers of Ethiopia)!

There is no such water on Earth called "River/s Ethiopia".


And the other River is Niger.

both Rivers of ZEPHANIAH 3:10 COINCIDENTALLY means one thing

and that meaning simply is "BLACK".

River Ethiope or River Niger means the Black man's River.

Black man, because Niger-Area (Nigeria) is the Most Populous black nation on earth!

THE HEBREWS LIVE BEHIND THE RIVERS OF ETHIOPE. Google River Ethiope & River Niger. Those are the RIVERS!

You will see ubi_aja or umu_aja in Google!

"Aja" means ritual sacrifice!

"Ubi" means garden!

Have you read Zephaniah 3:10 before?

The acceptable SACRIFICE must come from there and nowhere else on Earth and you can take this exposition to the bank anytime!


amazu ikechukwu

23.11.2022 19:12

otito diri chukwu

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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