Nov. 18, 2020


It's called Opupu in English this name means:

moving out or Exodus but..

Fake Hebrews think Opupu should be Abibi.

Remember ancient people (Ndigboo Nigoo Negroe Niger Neguz) didn't use vowels in their ancient scripts so fake-Hebrews who call themselves jews which are NOT,

but the builders of synagogues for Satan (Revelations 2 & 3:9 KJV and are from Germany) created their own vowels to force-steal our heritage, something that is not capable of being stolen!

So Opupu(Exodus)for them became Abibi

Because the consonant-sounds b&p in ancient-people's Alphabetic-Letters has the same hieroglyphic letters and sound ~p~p~/~b~b~

But this is the name of our first moon.

Usually it is between Roman March and April.

This is the time every year when seeds and grains and tubers go into the ground for a new cycle of planting season. This is the ancient people's beginning of a new year.

New beginnings are marked with the ritual walk into the wilderness to make a sacrifice of a Ram or Lamb in a burn fire (burnt-offerings/Passover/Ajaoku) praying to CHWH Okike Abiama (Creator God Almighty of Abram) to bless us in the New place or nation or future we are about to enter. After the offering, we must leave the old place and move ahead into a promised better and new beginnings/year/place. 

Now apert from the above, it was the exact time our ancestors left Egypt to enter and take over trans-Jordan from ancient Philistines or today's Palestinians and created the first kingdom of: The children of the king of heaven

otherwise known as: Ala-Ezelu/el-EZraelu/iZrael.


amazu ikechukwu

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good read

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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