Nov. 20, 2020


At evening, the Quails came up..

Na mbede Okwa fedara..

Ancient Hebrew never wrote their holy writ with any vowels. The whiteman for Okwa read only (πKWπ). He could not pronounce the word; so he came up with his "Kwa" and after "kwa" it became "kwa-il" and from that to "Qua-il".

All languages on earth came from west Africa.. Now another name for West Africa is Sub Saharan! It is the lost spot of Eden. The scripture made mention of Rivers beyond Ethiopia. Now there's a place called Ethiope not Ethiopia in the Sub Saharan.

It worst when you discover that Europeans, especially the British created the place you call Ethiopia today in 1948 the same year they created Israel. Smell a rat now? Originally that place was called Abyssinia.

What we are trying to say is that the Ethiopia you read in Genesis chapter 2  verse 13 KJV is not Abyssinia but Ethiope in the Sub Saharan. You shouldn't doubt this because the original river of Ethiope as in Zephaniah 3:10 KJV was renamed River Niger. You should know that Ethiope and Niger means the same thing not to mention the mystery everyone loves to ignore: 'How that after the ingenious renaming of the first river Ethiope to river Niger, by the connivance of some Europeans who knew the scripture, the biggest inland water body in the whole of Africa was all of a sudden born instantly in a community called Ethiope.. which river still exists till this very day.. so no one could take away that name river Ethiope from the Sub Saharan'.

In NdigboLand or NegroLand or Niger-Land/Area:

'Land of Eden' was actually called:

'Ala-Edo' or 'Anedo'. You can feel the parallels.

Anedo or Ala-Edo (land of Eden means: "land of gold" in English).

The last time we checked, the simple description of Eden was that it is a Paradise and a Paradise wanne is literally defined as a place paved with precious metals like gold etc and even the description of Eden in Genesis 2'13KJV alludes exactly to "Ala'nd-of-Edo(Eden or gold )"



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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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