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The Jehovah's Witnesses already notarized and perpetuated this grotesque misunderstanding of true scripture!

We are not advising you to take blood from anyone, talk less of heathens.. but if you can find a clean person from your tribe (not everyone of your Tribe's people is clean) by all means, if your life depends on the transfusion, have some blood from the clean donor. The Hebrew's CHWH's law against blood is the unclean practice of eating the blood of killed animals, not blood transfusions!

In the scripture, CHWH made it clear that the life(spiritual essence) of the animal you killed to eat is left to return to HIM from/through its blood which you must pour-out into the ground. The effect of such practice(pouring blood of killed animals on or into the ground) is like when you bury any dead animal, even human beings! Taking a little blood from your clean relatives to support your own life will not physically kill or spiritually destroy their own lives.

But killing your relatives or any animal for that matter and eating their blood (no person throws away the meat of the animal they ate its blood already) is total annihilation of their physical and spiritual essence because now you buried nothing. When you kill an animal to eat, you must bury its blood so that its soul will through the womb of the mother earth return back to CHWH for Reincarnation into another form as CHWH pleases. That law is rather a clue that souls are immortal but not the soul of someone or any animal whose meat and blood is completely consumed and devoured by voracious humans without burying anything!

Blood transfusion is not eating of blood unless you are interpreting the iwu-CHWH{Leviticu) (law of CHWH Okike Abiama) when you are a heathen(gentile) and not part of the bloodline of the Elect Hebrew Hebow Eboe Ibo Igbo NdiGboo Nigoo Negroe Niger Neguz: firstborn Ephraim Jeremiah 3:9 KJV otherwise umu-Oferemiri(those who crossed over waters 2 ESDRAS 13:40 KJV).

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