Any Hebrew who does not understand, NOT believe; our teachings are still a Hebrew person but something is wrong with him or her. I will come to that later.

Hebrews are born and not converted.

You need beliefs to be a convert into any lie or religious group not understanding. The truth of what you believe in is inconsequential. Not important. You don't believe to be given birth to: as a Hebrew(Eboe),what you need are parents and ancestors.

When you are born a Hebrew(Eboe) (an inconvertible entity)

your duty was to be taught and you get learned into your ancestor's ancient way Jeremiah 6:16 KJV coming all the way back from our first parents *D*M/*Z* oDuMeZe(Lion King) miscalled as aDaMeVe. Created in Aledo(Anedo) land of gold/land of Eden/PARADISE) an alternate place to what we have here now.

Disobedience to iwu-CHWH(Leviticu) LAW of TMHCHi ) brought us all here into this realm or side of the universe(uwa). This alternate place as we speak here right now has a small but hidden GATE at HEBREW-enclave in Sub Saharan, which the king of the north (NATO) in Geneva is trying hard to open or break into. Try searching on accelerators or CERN/LHC.

When your ancestors fail to teach you as an Hebrew child, something already is at work against you in the family. The curses at Deuteronomy 28-15 down. We know all of them even as recently rearranged by HEE for easy understanding though we do not know if any of you have had access to that publication or even are aware of that publication's existence..

When the curses are at play in the life of any Hebrew due to ignorance occasioned by 'lack of knowledge not belief', the most visible of the curses in your life becomes D2828.

D2828 is code for ADS, AMNESIA.

Mild-Craze and Astonishment of heart etc. So the HEBREW(Eboe child) who does not understand these teachings is still a Hebrew(Eboe child)...but he or she is suffering from ADS.

'My ancient people, the Hebrews(Hebows Eboes Iboes Igbos NdiGboo(ancient_people) Nigoo Negroe Niger Neguz (head of the world) perish for lack of enough knowledge not enough beliefs'. This is ancient scripture.

There's too much belief amongst Hebrews but not much knowledge. Now, please know certainly that ignorance or lack of knowledge, is not entirely your own fault. I have to add this. It's Satan's fault.. Another name for satan shall be given you at the end of this publication. But satan is a messenger of CHWH Okike Abiama. Satan is on a grand mission to look out for all you lost Hebrews. When he finds you, his job actually is to give you all your heart desires or delusions. You can either have knowledge in CHWH's ancient ways or you follow after the dictates of your own heart.

There are no middle grounds. Either you are obedient to the laws you know and keep knowing or you are rebellious against the few you know and the rest of the laws unknown to you. Your delusion or Satan's deceptions has to be this strong for some word of CHWH to come true or be fulfilled in your life.

Word of GOD like yea:

'They shall hear, see and read but shall never come to any understanding, or perception of what they hear, see and read; so that they may never get well and be healed of their illnesses come out of their poverty caused by ignorance alias satan.

Jerusalem on cloud.

End-Time Gospel of Ihechiuwa(iEsua Nazarene), according to HEE. His Eminence Eldeziella: Deputy Priest(Urim) of CHWH on the Niger for all Hebrews/Hibos/Hibos/Ibos/Igbos as published by Mama Gihon, global coordinator of Hebrewism.

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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