Nov. 24, 2020


The EBOEs/Hibos/Ibos/ Igbos laid claim to the name HEBREW-izrael before the word 'jew' was on earth coined.

Now Hebrew-izrael is that rebellious lost 10 tribes or house of Ephraim who ran away into the only wilderness in planet earth 7000 years back running from the confederation of the Assyrians and Babylonians. See 2 Kings 17: to end.

Ephraimites are not Iehuddah beware! Oluda ikwuano(olauda eqiano) wrote about this way back in the 1600s. The word 'jew' and other fraudulent activities of the khazars were 100 years behind us.

The 1st written testimony prophesied as 'The Sign to the Gentiles was Olauda Equiano an Eboe (Hebrew/Hibo/Ibo/Igbo man from ikwuano umuahia. We as a tribe laid the first modern written claim to HEBREWISM before any other man or tribe on earth did and the book 'The author biography of Olauda Equiano: a 17th Century author is still on sale at popular bookshops around the world.

The name of our nation is (HB)Hibo/Eboe/Ibo/Igbo). Our father's name is (BM)Abirahma(ABIAMA)abram.

The name of our CHI is (CHWH)JHWH/YHWH. Which means CH(god) and WH(kWH)biggest.

Our ancient scribes wrote only on consonants(oluda/udaolu) and did not invent the vowels. Hebrew is Eboe/Hibo/Ibo beware and this is endTIME.

The time of the Hebrew rising! Daniel 12:4 is also the unveiling of the scripture. A time when men shall run to and fro (thro. a device) that their knowledge may increase.

Any lost man on earth who can remember again these 3 markers:

1. name of his tribe,

2. name of his patriarchs,

3. Name of his father's CHI, with any written document or proof anywhere, then shall he again be known, remembered and received.

Ours is the entire scripture before it was put on print. Anyone who forgets entirely his towns name, name of father and the name of the god of his fathers is forever lost. No nation/people/tribe or tongue on earth has these coincidences in names except ndi-gboo (the ancient people. See Isaiah 44:7) Therefore now stop your whining and envying oh nations of this earth: before you all perish!

Isaiah 60:12.

This is the appointed time + times & half a time.

Satan striving to continue to confuse and deceive and mislead the world a little while(time) longer, against the word of our CHi: TMH CHWH Okike; about the address or compass position of the actual dispersed/lost Hebrews; in case the world needs to find them in the future; grabbed our neighbors and shuffled them into our midsts even among the slaves in America, when in those days our ancient enemies, who ones enslaved us in ancient Egypt thought we Hibos in the hinterland of the subsaharan had finished.

Please see Deuteronomy 28:18,28,38,48,58,68.

You fools, who were the first slaves to alight out of European-jewish ships in the new found land during the days of trans-atlantic slave trading. The ashantis or the binis or the yorubas or who, if not oluda(olauda) ikwuano(Eqiano) the Eboe/Heeboo/Hebrew and first to turn green and began to write about how the Hebrews treated their slaves.

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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