Nov. 27, 2020


Ancestors-dot-come is a redman's(slaver's) company collecting money from the children of their former slaves to tell them where their itching ears wants to hear about their origin! But I shall for the last time disclose to you the hidden(forbidden) truth!

You are ancient izrael! As one of us you are fulfilling Isaiah 1:3 each time you say you came from Senegal or Choctaw!

Who is ancient iZrael?

Why are they cursed from knowing their crib(Isaiah 1:3)

Ancient iZrael are a people who left (got dispersed from) middle Earth (East) 7000 years ago as the lost 10 sheep (house of Ephraim is not house of Judah)! They hid somewhere in the Sub Saharan described by Zephaniah @ 3:10 as behind(beyond) The RIVER(S) (‘s’ denotes plural) OF ETHIOPE(not Ethiopia)!

The unsealing of Ethiopia as Ethiope is very important here because Ethiopia was meant to be a code to keep izrael hidden in accordance with Psalm 83:3-5!

Another is the highlighting of the "s" in the Rivers of..

Two Rivers in truth where meant! The two Rivers are still in existence till today. Google The Rivers Ethiope and Niger and inquire about the tribe who lives behind(beyond) them!

The tribe is called Iboes. This is the reason you all are today restless with the idea that you are of ancient izrael and it's true! The word Iboe is corrupted as Hebrew in the Bible!

Iboes are ancient izrael or the children of iZrael otherwise called by us iboes as the children of the king of heaven (Ezelu/iZrael)!

To hide the iboes (Hebrews/ancient_iZrael) from the world is redman's highest priority!

When their children were stolen in middle ages to fulfill Deuteronomy 28:48;49;68; the Redman shuffled Hebrews amongst the gentiles living around them so the waking of izrael could take a little bit longer because they knew they had a short time on Earth; especially if they didn't handle the business of hiding Hebrews from the rest of the world very carefully!

The children they stole behind the Rivers of Ethiope or Niger; which two words also means black, where held and encouraged to interbreed in the dungeons built for Hebrews(iboes) in the lands of hamites; like in badagry Lagos which is Yoruba enclave then.

They warehoused Hebrews also in dungeons in Togo (Dahomey), in elmina dungeon in Accra Ghana and in Senegal and other places like Angola. The land and the labor for the building of such mighty prisons was provided by the heathens surrounding Hebrews around the coasts of West Africa! See Joel 3:3-4!

They shipped iboes(Hebrews) into these places to encourage the breeding of young profitable ones and to shuffle them into the local population so they couldn't unite easily in the future when they realized they are ancient people iZrael.

This is the game plan but yet the Redman made a mistake when he called the children Niggars.

This was a costly mistake!

It's costly because it gave the Redman away and destroyed his conspiracy to hide izrael. You see the derogatory term Niggar means Niger! It's a name which shows where exactly the children were stolen from specifically! Hebrews(brothers of iESUA(Jesus of Nazareth) came originally from behind the Rivers called Niger (Acts 1:6) or Ethiope!

This Ethiope is always confused in the scripture as Ethiopia but it should not anymore!

The Redman knows this and instead uses Niggar instead of Niger! Iboes(Hebrews) are the dominant tribe in Niger-area (niggar-area)! By the 1800s, the Redman already greeted us with the star of Odumodu (otherwise called as David in redman's edited scripture)!

Zephaniah 3:10 KJV

From beyond the rivers of Ethiope and Niger my suppliants, even the daughter of my dispersed(removed from middle Earth {east} shall bring mine offering

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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