Mar. 14, 2021


Are humans just planet hoppers?

Our retort:

Be careful with the word hue-man!

If the implication of the word hue-man is unwrapped, you might not like the contents of the rabbit hole. Because NOT all men on earth are Hueman. Hueman has their skin's hue in color. A Homosapien is also different from a hue-man. Homomanus is the opposite of Homosapien and the word 'sapient' is a euphemism for 'serpent'!

Matthew 10:16 KJV

.. be ye therefore as wise as serpents,

but as harmless as the doves"

iESUA's advice to his Niger friends!

So the serpents are wiser. A serpent could be called a dragon or snake or viper.

Luke 16:8 KJV

.. for the children of the ruler of this world are in their generations wiser than the children of light. Observations of iESUA AD0033 Palestine.

If you understand the meaning of the name iESUA you will understand the meaning of LIGHT used in this verse.

In Revelation 12 red serpent or dragon or a cold-blooded creature was said to have entered into the world to torment its inhabitants though shortly! Who is this cold-blooded animal?

Sometimes they were regarded also as the brood(children) of vipers Matthew 3:7 KJV

But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the incoming wrath?

The Pharisees and the Sadducees were not of the same race and tribe as the speaker, but they claimed so anyway because then, you conquer a land and you take over it and become its owners or part of the citizens by the might of your conquest, but some outspoken ones will never stop speaking the truth.

The red Indians will never stop saying that 'the present occupation in America is Europeans'. So it follows they are somehow part of the fallen everyone is familiar with today but truly understanding.

So they are aliens on earth. Maybe a terrestrial alien (TE), not the ET(extraterrestrial..)

Use your tongue to count your teeth since we live in a world where some people call themselves red children and redfellas, you can imagine the rest of the unspoken things.

If your skin color is not hue on humus earth, don't despair, there is a red planet near earth and maybe the door is in Antarctica, if not, why are all nations with hue-skin color not allowed there, only red skin nations dominant use of that place, maybe it's a stargate area.

And sometime in the past, we heard people whose names were sometimes Harren-volks(heaven-folks) or Arien-race(Alien-race) dominate the earliest activities in that banned area of our earth... Who knows?

Maybe their stargate is there.

And why do we even have only one particular person on earth obsessed with being beamed away into space and always obsessed with the red planet whose skin is also red?

Why do we have only one type of people always obsessed with the removal of the blood(crude oil) and bones(precious metals) of this earth with reckless abandon, why?

Why did we have an ice age event here 2.5 million years ago on earth, was that not a terraforming event because the snow has not always been on earth otherwise Adam and Eve would not have lasted 2 days living in a house and clothes made from leaves!






amazu ikechukwu

24.11.2022 12:11

hmmm this is getting interesting

Melissa Sullivan

18.07.2022 00:13

Oh u have just hit so much of my own beliefs in which the world calls me crazy for. I believe u instantly, because I feel that truth w in my heart.

Joseph Simmons

03.07.2022 23:53


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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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