Apr. 8, 2021


Who is sponsoring this?

There's someone (an entity) neither black nor white calling the shots in the United States now.

Actually, this entity seeks to blackmail white people by exploiting the grudge of black people on the injustices against them by white people. White people are really weak in
the presence of this entity.

White and black leadership knows this entity but every one of them is afraid of their job or being labeled a 'conspiracy theorist' should they disclose the identity of this
entity to the entire world. This entity wants global hegemony but the only people standing between itself and world domination are American white people, and their constitution and guns

It looks like this entity has too much of an upper hand in global politics. Look at the way it used an imbecile to fumigate Trump and his allied white supremacists or 'American
first people' out of office! Total and complete humiliation with a person completely insane, shameless, and suffering from dementia. The worst politically corrupt family on earth!

We thought Trump's Supreme Court justices would eventually save the day but alas... looks more like we are just a bunch of hopeless propagandists hyping everyone into a free world of
expressions that don't actually exist. Q'Anon became a huge joke and child's play in the end. But the world could be a better place if the whites could just rush now to apologize to
all Black people on earth and pay Negroes their reparations rather than denying the obvious and giving more fodder to the entity.

This white grandstanding is foolish and it is going to rubbish everyone in this world because the blacks feel they have nothing anymore to lose even if this entity should grab global hegemony.

The above advice from us if implemented... could go a long way to dampening black people's grudges and reducing the distrust between the races so hue-mans can defeat their common enemy.

American whites can not dislodge this entity alone and on their own without carrying more Black Americans along to archive their own aspirations as hue-mans. It is this entity
that orders that every one for all good reasons should mask up and inhale their CO2s because of a virus(?) infection that has a 99% chance of being cured. It is this entity
that orders that everyone against all good reasons be forcefully vaccinated even when it's enshrined in every constitution on earth that people should have a choice over what goes
into their bodies and it's a criminal act to force anyone anywhere to divulge their medical records.

Whosoever rules in the White House is a mere stooge to this entity. Only Trump tried to stand up to it and he is paying for it now.

Who is this entity?

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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