Apr. 20, 2021



Our father! 

Which art in heaven.. 

Let thy kingdom come

So we can start doing your will on earth

Exactly as it is done in heaven

that it may be well with us

in the land of the living here on earth. 

Give us this day:

Perhaps another 8years though

To vote-in our politrickcians,

(we know they are Satan's agents,

liers who will unlike you do nothing they promised) 

Nonetheless we still want them to rule over us a little longer before your elusive kingdom comes, if ever it will come! 

The confusion above is the problem





John 4:22b KJV:

Salvation will come to earthlings



(and that KINGDOM does not come by OBSERVATION.

That kingdom is within everyone who knows how). 

THE LIGHT/WORD of The CHi-force (The CHi'ist) 

is the constitution and the Ruler in that kingdom!


Mr. Abubakar was working at the Nigerian ports authority by controlling customs where he opens gates for things dusty and whitey to pass into the country unhindered by anyone.

 Those are the dusty goods of the monopolistic CEO of Dangote who run things for essentially obasango-hu and babangide-hu! Apart from the monopoly of everything dusty and whitey atiko and obasango initiated the worst theft the country ever witnessed.

They sold off all key commonwealth assets of the quantry.

The very things that united the country to themselves under their public assets privatization program. One of the main things these criminals sold off to themselves which belonged to all Nigerians was the nitel fiber optic cable which carries internet data from the US to every corner of Sub Saharan or West Africa today. They created a company called transcorp and gave us all small small shares in that company that could not amount to nothing or about .00000000001% of the assets and gave the rest to themselves.

The fiber optic cable that carries information technology from the US under the Atlantic Ocean to west Africa is a major investment that made nitel great. It was given to one Mike edenuga to manage for them in globacom under transcorp in the exact manner they did give monopoly license to dangerouste for the importation of everything thing whitey and dusty in the entire country of about 6hundred million human beings!

This is the chain of oligarchy Nigerian youths need to break before ego is better for all of you, otherwise you are all on a cruise to lollipop Island where nothing but the hallucinations of ganja is your consolation everyday. Have you considered who the election umpire is?

The person who is the rigger-in-chief or the election result pronouncing chairman today? Why not get another professor, Humphrey Nwosu to give you what he called option A4! 

Oh, you have another nameless fulani professor perhaps! The same nonsense the ogogoro drinking former clueless president who thinks he will be lucky did by allowing a jagajaga fulani man who vainly claims to be a professor as his unfair umpire who allowed the registration and voting by minors and goats and cows in the north of the quantry!

Atiko is a criminal and he is here to protect the interest of the criminal oligarchs, many of them orphans who had no homes nor parents to raise them as children, who had no other way of survival than joining the army and they criminally murdered their superior officers and rubbed dry our commonwealth!

Look at Nigeria since 1966!


That one did not attend primary nor secondary school.

He just declared this recently to neckeye! 

He was a common criminal running a dust business for Dangerouste from the US and Atikohu knows him very well.

When abacha died on top of his Indian prostitute, TULUMBU returned from his US prisons and joined the Yoruba NADECO forces protesting the murder of MKO abiola and asking for power to shift west not south and the ticket was quick quick given to obasango and olufalae.

The criminal oligarchs (represented by the babangide group) wanted Obasango. Everyone voted for Falae but he was rigged out exactly as they rigged out Alex Ekwueme from the PDP primaries. 

That time only 419 crooks had money to join politics.

Crooks like Orji Uzo Kalu them, James ononefe ibori them, Achinike udenwa them, Peter odili them, Atikohu held sway in the quantry! Atiko used to call James Ibori "The sheik of Africa ''! 

This is when touts like TULUMBU emerged in Lagos.

He quickly killed Funso Williams in Lagos fast to eradicate opposition from PDP then and consolidated powers in the southwest under AD the Olufalae and NADECO's main party. 

Peter Obi

This one is not okay too because he is now speaking like a Jewish or western stooge already.

We all need to get rid of those idiots and their governments to save the world!  Peter Obi has been using those same foolish okonjo Iwela terminologies the other day to think he is speaking to Umuanuofia. It is Ngozi okonjo iwela and Obii ezekwesili and soludo and many others hidden yet who talk to us about their Jewish/NWO 2030 millennial global development goals. These are your Nigerian counterparts in cahoots with the dragon(Davos) group with their new world order agenda that says you will... by 2030 have nothing and be happy!

It is no more a conspiracy theory. If you think so, go ahead and continue to listen to sellouts. 

They will sell all remaining Nigerian infrastructures to their globalist financier entities who also are in cahoots with those old oligarchs since 1966.

These are the criminals who secretly profile you through their banks and make your world a living hell through all manner of identity procurement and surveillance coming in the forms of BVN, NIN, pvc, Covid19 permits, driving license racketeering etc.

Perhaps you didn't notice that these new brand Igbo politicians mentioned here are all banksters(Jewish) stooges?

They run these banks for jews who run American embassies globally and they are Mossad, Cia and MI6 agents plotting to take over the entire world! They have finished with our oil, never gave us light nor roads nor proper schools and education. You will have those things soon but you will never afford them because they will bring them only to further enslave you forever and ever through them even at every turn! 

These types of Igbos are a thousand times worse than tilumbu and atiko-hu combined! 

Head or tail, the Nigerian youths are in for a ride to hell for another 8years. 

Matthew 6:33 KJV

But seek ye first the kingdom of CHWH Okike Abiama on earth, and HIS righteousness(OoM); and every other thing you lack on earth shall be given to you.

None of you is ready because you have no idea where to start. But when you are very close to your GRAVES perhaps you will understand then but it will be too late. 

Your world is ruled by Satan through the politicians.

You know this already!

But if you wish otherwise, the Light of CHWH Okike Abiama can start ruling in your life even right now.

The kingdom of the children of the king of heaven

(Aleze umu-Ezelu EZraelu iZrael)

is within you and doesn't come by observation!

Nze iHECHiUWA(iESUA Nzereth) already taught all these 2000 years ago! 

Europeans called it the kingdom of Isreal and created one in 1948 and through the Devil's or Davos group are working to actualize and consummate it's rule on earth....

but we assure you theirs is a fake kingdom based on deception! 

If you vote in any of these criminals through their demoncratic elections anywhere on earth, you are perpetuating Satan's rule on earth and over you and you have none to blame but yourself!

If you are this ignorant now that The Light is with you what would you do when The light is completely turned off and switched out and you are thrown into darkness oh earthlings! 

Organized and demoncratic governments are a global scam! 

You can't be asking for the kingdom of CHWH to come every night and day so that CHWH's WILL may be done on earth and yet participate in their elections. It is hypocrisy!

It means you don't know what you are doing or talking about!

If you love your life so much that you do not know these things,

you can't be of any help nor relevance to the creator which art in heaven in your next level in life!

No one can save you except yourself and fight to save yourself!

No one has saved you except yourself and you should know this about your life since your birth here on earth. 

You are the lone fighter!

This is the way of creation on earth! 

For thousands of years Satan has been working gradually with his agents to set up his own kingdom to rule over you. Day by day they work to get where they are right now. What have you been doing all these years if not acquiescing to their demands. 

If this is not aiding and abetting Satan and his agents then what is it.. you are pretending to be waiting for the heavens to part into two and then reveal your savior right? 

Hellow, there are no chariots of fire coming to rescue you. Things are going to payout as written in the scripture. 

The truth and the Light, the ruler of CHWH's kingdom Nze iHECHiUWA(iESUA Nzereth) says he will manifest the 2nd time like a thief in the night. 

Why not work with this prophecy than the dogtrine of parting heaven into two to reveal a savior for you!

In case you forget and think as a brainwashed fool that we are thinking along the borders of conspiracy knots, here is a video link to unbrainwash you back into reality again. Yes again because we have done this severally over and over again. 


From Nation Of Hebrew Izrael:

Online reps. and publisher of all works of:


his eminence eldeziella:

in accordance with the order of Melchizedek is the ordained Urim Priest of CHWH Okike Abiama on the Niger/Ethiope for all Hebrews of this generation, East of the Niger(Ethiope); 

All West Indies and elsewhere on the four corners of the earth where the Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos are until this day dispersed!

By CHWH's special authorisation..

hee is among other things the imperator of Hebrewism 3rd cycle, which is (Essene 2nd cycle) 

Which spearheads (aARO-iwu-CHWH) 

"The global awakening of The Hebrews...". 

hee dominates and calls from the four winds(air).. 

For the preparation of all natives for The CHi'st-Light (iESU'a Nazarene.. iNRi) for the coming down from the clouds of CHWH's kingdom, the holy city new Jerusalem on earth. Which is now verily at hand ! ! ! !


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