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ENKI /ENCHI /ICHI /CHI was the original name of the "facial-MARK" given to the first Prince of the huemanu race on earth known as "Cain or kamalu or Kalu". 

The facial-mark was given to protect prince karma or kamalu or Kalu or Kanu by his creator or creators. With it, he successfully became the first judge of this world even till this day but this is hidden from many! 

In ancient times whosoever touched Cain(Kamalu/Kanu) nor discussed him especially offensively dies instantly.

Therefore his curse or blessing represented in the word "iCHi" for his facial-Mark was quickly replaced with "iYHi" to avoid its consequences, yet the word "iYHi" was still synonymous with "CURSE" amongst the ancient people even till this day. 

iYHi is either literally defined as "the curse" 

or the mysterious unseen FORCE itself responsible for unintended consequences in people's lives when provoked! 

Directly the people could summon the "iYHi-force"; either from the air or from the rivers or representing the guardians of each day of the ancient people's calendar.... to come and kill their offenders or enemies! 

Actually they did all that in ignorance because they couldn't understand what kanu/Cain's Mark nor it's origins truly meant... but the answers were hidden in the ancient people's compiled oracles known today as "The scripture"! 

The book has become highly deformed especially by the heathens yet it is still powerful in the hands of the true ancient people whenever any was found! 

Genesis 4:15 KJV

And CHWH said unto him(Cain/Kanu), 

Therefore whosoever toucheth thee(Cain/Kanu), 

My vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. 

And CHWH set an "iCHi-Mark" upon Cain(Kanu), 

lest any finding him should trouble HIM.

This iCHi or iYHi later became associated with curse because Kanu(Cain) actually used the power to build himself the first city-state on earth and became the first successful king or prince or Judge in it!

Genesis 4:16-17 KJV

And Cain(Kanu) went out from the presence of his known vicinities and dwelt further away from the land-of-Nod(Ala-edo/Anedo), which was on the East of the entire Land of Eden(Ala-edo/Anedo). 

NB: The two names: "Nod and Eden" mean the same thing (Land-of-Gold) and one must add "Land-of-... to grasp its onomatopoeic origins! 

[17] And Cain(kanu/kamalu) knew his wife.. 

(CHWH brought the first woman on earth to kanu/Cain's father the first man on earth and CHWH can not forget the process if HE wants to bring the second woman again to the second man on earth) 

...and she conceived, and bare him Enoch: (Unoka(Unokanu) The city of Cain/Kanu) 

...and he(Cain/kamalu) built a city 

(the very first on earth) 

and called the name of that city, 

after the name of his begotten son: Enoch.

(Unoka(Unokanu) The city of Cain/Kanu)!

The name iCHi or iYHi was later associated with the force that governs the operations of Cain or kamalu on earth. That force was feared by everyone! 

In ancient literatures, the ancient taboo-name "iYHi" or "iCHi" was deformed to "InCHi" and recently to EnCHi and Enki and even "God" by Europeans to associate with the CREATIVE and DESTRUCTIVE FORCE used by the first or earliest or ancient-people on earth in the building of their worlds.

See https://youtu.be/DMlotOBWYhw 

The FORCE is hidden in letters or words of the sounds they hear or receive through Revelations(oracles) and these ancient people first developed the art of writing before any other on earth, because iCHi or the CHi-force manifests itself usually through HIS URIM which are written words or letters of the sounds heard by the Priests of CHWH Okike (John 1:1 KJV) and the ancient people's oracles knew that the more they hear from the CHi-force and write and teach their CHi-ways through the CHi-revealed "ABCHD-ABCHD" (literary-skills 


the more their power to create and recreate whatever they want on earth increased! 

Till this day, good writers and great speakers are still the greatest in the area of politics, religion, music, art or entertainments etc. 

Mastery in Writing and oratory is synonymous to literacy and literacy is the foundation of success. 

In ancient times, this abrachadabra-mystery or power was associated with magic and hocus-pocus and the founders called the Hebrews, were still feared and revered for it even till this day. 

Infact modern warfare is waged through it as we speak and all manner of writing and communication skills are marshaled out for it! 


when these idiots writing nonsense online used the word Arabic(Aramaic) actually they mean "Hebrew" Hebow Eboe Ibo Igbo NdiGboo Nigoo Negroe Niger Neguz {the ancient people Isaiah 47'6KJV and 44'7 KJV} 

They don't like using the name: "Hebrew" anymore because of its future implications to their lies. 

The name has the potential to destroy all their lies on earth very soon and they wish that the word or name "Hebrew" could just simply go away or disappear but NO! IT WON'T! 

Actually Enoch(Unoka/Unokanu) was the hidden father of Nnaoha Odumeze (Noah of aDaMeVe) and the implications or the ramifications of this very lineage-revelation is too much given the fact again that it is the only reason why all sons of the ancient people are called Nwamadi or Nwammadu and later deformed as Mohammadu by those who think Hebrew is Arabic or Aramaic. 

This is very important especially if you understand our point of view spiritually or if you understand where we are coming from spiritually! 

These deformers think that the cognomen means "son of man" but we have revealed earlier that it doesn't mean that... 

but that means: "son of Thunder". 

This is true if only you have concluded your research on the connections between the personality of Cain(kamalu/Kanu) and the very first Passover or Ajaoku ritual sacrifice in Anedo and on why the Europeans still invoke his name though unknowingly as the Lord(law) of karma and we the ancient people think he is Kamalu whose princely(royal) title is Amadi(Judge/prince) of the world(oha)!

Published by Sofia GIHON

global coordinator of Hebrewism. 

For: Nation of Hebrew Izrael on earth 

Online rep. and publisher of all works of:


his eminence eldeziella:in accordance with the order of Melchizedek is the ordained Urim Priest of CHWH Okike Abiama on the Niger/Ethiope for all Hebrews of this generation, East of the Niger(Ethiope); 

All West Indies and elsewhere on the four corners of the earth where the Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos are until this day dispersed!

By CHWH's special authorisation..

hee is among other things the imperator of Hebrewism 3rd cycle, which is (Essene 2nd cycle) 

Which spearheads (aARO-iwu-CHWH) 

"The global awakening of The Hebrews...". 

hee dominates and calls from the four winds(air).. 

For the preparation of all natives for The CHi'st-Light (iESU'a Nazarene.. iNRi) for the coming down from the clouds of CHWH's kingdom, the holy city new Jerusalem on earth. Which is now verily at hand ! ! ! !




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