Jun. 14, 2021


Exodus 3:15 KJV

And CHi{God}-Almighty (CHWH YHWH JHWH) said moreover unto Ra-Mose:

Thus shalt say unto the children of the king of heaven (umu-Ezelu/EZraelu/Izrael)

The Most High CHi {God}-Almighty (CHWH YHWH JHWH) of your fathers, the God-Almighty of Abraham, the CHi-Almighty of Isaac, and the CHi-Almighty of Jacob, (CHWH YHWH JHWH Okike Abiama n'umuya) hath sent me unto you:

This is my name for ever,

and this is my memorial unto all generations.


(1) no one on earth is permitted to use the Title "God" alone for our keretor(Creator) without adding the ADJECTIVE "-Almighty" behind our Keretor’s name... because that alone differentiates our Most High from the other-Gods out there.

(2) no one on earth is permitted to say the name of our keretor(Creator) without adding the name of a particular Mortal called "-Abiama or Abram or Abraham and his children" behind our keretor’s name... because that again identifies the Elect bloodline or the chosen tribe of the Most High from the rest of the tribes on earth.

(3) The original scripture was never written in any other language on earth... Especially not any European languages which includes English or German or Latin or Greek nor any fabrications whether Paleo or Aramaic of the KHazarian jeewish.

The original language was Igbo Ebow Hebow Hebrew.

And everything CHWH Okike Abiama revealed in the scripture was in that language of Keretion(creation) including HIS name CHWH Okike Abiama and from the beginning of the foundation of this world, a dateless time indeed, we have always called HIM "CHWH Okike Abiama(n'umu-Ezelu)"

never in it's English version "God Almighty of Abram and his children ie: (Isaac and Jacob)

...that was European words and we knew it served them well then but not today any more!

Today from the lips of the "Onye-isiala, Onye-gboo - Ndigboo, Odum ebe Oferemiri" (The Onshal, Grand and Supreme High Priest of CHWH Okike Abiama on Tera, The Ancient One of Ancient-People, The Lion of Ephraim):

... We bring again to the benefit of the whole world, not just Europeans anymore, the true ancient but GRAND NAME and the most ancient rendering of the lost holy Tetragramm (four consonant-sounds that represented the Most High)

..... to be nothing but "CHWH" Okike Abiama(n'umu-Ezelu) you can add the (n'umu-Ezelu) which means:

.. CHi {God} Almighty of Abram and the Children of the king of heaven"  who are (isiaku na Chikobu or Isaac and Jacob)

of course: for writing sake

but not during speech.

In speech you don't necessarily need to add those!

"CHWH Abiama" (God Almighty of Abram) or

"CHWH Okike Abiama" (Creator God Almighty of Abram) is enough without adding "and Isaac and of Jacob"

.... and that's exactly what we, the ancient people {Ndigboo Nigoo Negroe Niger Neguz}, have done since we lost our letters.


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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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