Jul. 5, 2021


NDIGBO is NEGROE and soon when the enemy is educated enough in this, he will think to change the name and render it irrelevant and unusable while the ancient people while-away their times in ignorance chasing after papers as money!

Even now, there's no one known or called in the Sub Saharan as a Negroe of NegroLand.

They now call us NigerLanders

or Niggar-Areans which is spelt deceptively as Nigerians...

... just to spite us and make sure we forgot the true origins/roots/etymology of our true ancient-name: "NdiGboo Nigoo Negroe Niggar Niger Neguz" of NdigboLand (not NegroLand) in the Sub Saharan or Western Africa.

If they could do that to us remnants left unstolen in the gardens of the Sub Saharan continent, how much worst brainwashing have they done to you who was kidnapped from us in the Sub Saharan and imprisoned and locked away in the dungeons of the Negroe-captivity in Babylon since the past 400years...

Now with a bleached skin, some of you think you have what it takes to match us in the knowledge of the contents of the HEBREW ancient scripts ehh?


as at what time have you or your whorish forebears (branded mother fuckers by the slaveers) in Babylon been clear headed enough to know the contents of the book or any book on any subject for that matter?!!!!

Some of you fall into the mistakes of thinking we owe you... Owe you what?

You owe CHWH Okike Abiama (Keretor CHi Almighty of Abram) your life which is hidden in you listening now to us and returning back home to your mother's ancient crib Isaiah 1:3 KJV.

Jeremiah 16:14-15 KJV

Therefore, behold, the days cometh, saith CHWH Okike ABiAMa, that I shall no more be called "The Most High who liveth that brought up the children of iZrael  out of the land of Egypt".

15: But rather as,

"The Most High who liveth,

that brought up the children of iZrael out of the land of the King of the North(NATO),

and from all their heathenic Lands whither CHWH Okike ABiAMa had Driven(scattered) them: and I will bring you again into your Land which I gave unto your forefathers from the foundation of this world.

Jeremiah 16:16-18 KJV


I will send for many fishers (of men)


and they shall fish +

(y'all out for me);

and after (that, I know some of you would be rebellious, but not to worry, I have some more plans too that is that..)

I will send for MANY(not few)HUNTERS, and they shall hunt (you for me oh! iZrael in Babylon)

(They shall Hunt you)

from every mountain,

and from every hill,

and out of the holes of the rocks (you try to run into to hide)

17: For mine eyes are upon y'all ways:

YES! they are not hid from my face, neither are your iniquities hidden from mine all-seeing eyes!

18: BUT first(and foremost)

I will recompense all your iniquities Niggarz and all your sins#DOUBLE;

because you have defiled (held in contempt) my Holy Land. you even have filled mine inheritance(children) with the carcass of your detestable and abominable things (your thoughts about my holy land#igbolanding from whence I carried you away, which is @ Zeph 3:10 is very dirty)

Oh yes!

Jeremiah 29:14-15 KJV

And I will be found of you, (when I am sort after)

saith TMHCHi: and I will turn away your CAPTIVITY,

and I will gather you from all the their heathen nations, and from all the places whither I have driven(scattered) you into, saith CHWH OKIKE ABIAMA...


...and I will bring you again

into the place

whence I caused you

to be carried away captives (that's in NegroLand Sub Saharan)

15: Because ye have kept lying by saying:,

"The Lord hath raised us up as prophets in Babylon";

HELL NO! Balaam got the best part of you in his delusional plans by whoring and mongering for whores through clubbing and partying all night and day!

Jeremiah 30:3 KJV

For, lo, the days come,

saith TMHCHi,

that I will bring again the CAPTIVITY of my ancient people(Nd'igbo'o) children of iZrael children of the king of heaven (Ephraim the 10 Tribes) and Judah(the 2 Tribes) saith TMHCHi: and I will cause them both houses to return to the land that I gave to their fore fathers, and they shall re-possess it.

(The ancient Land of the Hebrews is in Eden not Palestine

and Eden is in the heart of Sub Saharan where no snow falls. Imagine the colds of snow on the head of the first man and woman whose clothes and shelters were made from leaves!)

Jeremiah 3:18 KJV

In those days the house of Judah shall walk with the house of iZrael, and they both shall come together out of the land of the king of the North(NATO)

to the land that I have given (from the foundation of this world) for an inheritance unto your forefathers.

From: Nation of Heboew Izraelites in the Sub Saharan

Online reps. and publishers of all works of:


his eminence eldeziella:

in accordance with the order of Melchizedek is the ordained Urim Priest of CHWH Okike Abiama on the Niger/Ethiope for all Hebrews of this generation, East of the Niger(Ethiope);

All West Indies and elsewhere on the four corners of the earth where the Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos are until this day dispersed!

By CHWH's special authorisation..

hee is among other things the imperator of Hebrewism 3rd cycle, which is (Essene 2nd cycle)

Which spearheads (aARO-iwu-CHWH)

"The global awakening of The Hebrews...".

Hee dominates and calls from the four winds(air)..

For the preparation of all natives for The CHi'st-Light (iESU'a Nazarene.. iNRi) for the coming down from the clouds of CHWH's kingdom, the holy city, new Jerusalem on earth.

Which is now verily verily at hand. Hamen ! ! ! !

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