Jul. 12, 2021


We don't do that. Please stop it.

We are not trying to impress anyone.

That's why we are anonymous.

No personal glory or face in CHWH's work.

If your unsealing did not come from the urim,

then it is useless to the course of Hebrewism.

Anything you want to show or say or write as proof that the ancient people of the scripture/Bible (The-Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos Igbos: NdiGboos Nigoos Negroes Nigers Negus: Isaiah 47'6KJV and 44'7 KJV are these Igbos of the Sub Saharan whose children were sold into America 400 years ago via the Transatlantic voyages MUST MUST MUST MUST come from and MUST MUST MUST MUST have proof in the Bible/scripture otherwise it is nonsense!

You can't just come up with all this sort of ridiculousness and think any reasonable person on earth would buy it.

Any person from any language on earth could do just exactly the same thing you are doing now.

Twisting the Bible names to suit your local language.

Someone says Deuteronomy means deterenumonu and that Genesis means jeenisisi

or that Hebrew means Habiru or Havaru etc nonsense..

These are all ridiculous claims people out there do from their own languages these days on the internet.

We don't do that here and please stop it!

If we say I-chabod is rightly pronounced ike-obodoai {in English: The strength of our Land..}

we already have a verse in the Bible to prove this

and that's the way the Urim was commanded to operate.

If we say Nzereth iESUA is Nze iHECHiUWA {in English: The Light of God to the world...}

we already have a verse in the Bible to prove this

and that's the way the Urim was commanded to operate.

You must be and live and teach and do everything you must do to prove Hebrews are Eboes only within the Light and word of CHWH Okike Abiama commonly called by Europeans as:

The Bible or The scripture and the only version you are allowed to use by the Urim is the KJV and no other version!

Now take a look at the name:

"I-chabod": according to Bible verses means: "the glory(strength) has departed from Israel".

"Ike-obodoai apua":  an Eboe phrase according to the Urim of CHWH Okike Abiama also means the same exact things and the verse of the Bible which confirms the Urim actually exists.

So are all the unsealings of the Urim. Let us not catch anyone doing otherwise.

We have the whole world watching us and reading what we are publishing and we can't have mad Igbo people messing around with some words concerning the scripture without bending down first to learn what Hebrewism is all about and how the Urim goes about its business since it started publishing via Facebook.

... for anyone to come up with these types of ridiculous speculations puts us backwards with other nations or people claiming to be Hebrew because this same thing is what they do.

Please stop finding similarities of Hebrew Bible names with your local languages if there's no proof for that in the Bible no matter how convincing you are about that because you must carry other tribes of this world along with you.

The Urim is commanded from heaven to not deviate from what the Bible has given to earthlings. Only what is in the Bible, no matter how inaccurate or corrupted the Europeans subjected it are we authorized to use because we have other nations who do not understand our language and have already put their trust in the Bible, so to convince them you are the real deal you must do so using the Bible no matter what.

This is why we tell you political movements like biafranism won't save you Eboes and that only Hebrewism or return to the Light of CHWH Okike Abiama will...,

because the world actually is waiting for you!

Any name the Urim have not unsealed should be left UNSEALED for there must be evidence left for the Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos Igbos NdiGboos Nigoos Negroes Nigers Negus {firstborn of CHWH Okike Abiama} that their neglect, in any generation, of CHWH's service, has dire generational consequences attached to it which may include the outright loss of the scripture(Ike-obodoai).

Udo Chialoma nonyelu unu

(May the peace of the CHi of Paradise be with you all)



amazu ikechukwu

10.11.2022 20:54


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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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