Jul. 26, 2021


In this, our world, all Manifested reality has two sides: two aspects and two polarities..

The duality of all things in nature is expressed as in light and darkness, short and long, good and evil, etc everyone could wrap their minds around this...but what you think "is" at a time, "isn't" at that same time and what "isn't", actually "is"...

Eg: is the enemy being your best but disguised friend without your express knowledge of the facts at play?

You are supposed to know, that without the so-called enemy, you'd be far behind schedule than you are right now on the path to your DESTINY. Many do not know this and can never understand why they are COMMANDED to pray rather than curse the enemy so-called.

And at a macro level, we've seen fools mock CHWH for not destroying Satan!


which is Perfect GOODNESS

(inexplicable or Mysterious Glory EBUBEDIKE)

THAT IS NOT from this reality:..

Isaiah 45:7 KJV

I form the light, and create darkness:

I make peace, and create evil:..

Ecclesiastes 3:11 KJV

TMH-CHWH hath made everything beautiful in time/space: also HE hath set the world in its own heart so that no man can figure out the work that CHWH maketh from the beginning till the end.

...all earthly truths/philosophies/schools and theories therefore are but half-truths as every truth from man are nothing but half a falsehood!

The reason you all will very soon realize(feel) you've been lied to about everything all this while!

Dare to imagine the reason things are constantly being updated and there are constant versions or models recreated while the older expires?

This is not entropy! The opposites are different externally yet are identical intrinsically upon closer scrutiny.

Science is the same as Religion or they meet somewhere understood by the adepts!

There is only one way that is not a re-LEGION!

Religion is not a TRUTH - SYSTEM;

Religion is a BELIEF- SYSTEM.

Without BELIEF all religions fall to the ground.

Well if you believe the earth is a globe;

It would be fine for you to believe also that quantum physics is nothing but metaphysics.

It would be fine if you would also believe that evolution can only be appreciated through the lens of BELIEF, not from any exhaustive knowledge.

Even the existence of dinosaurs has to be BELIEVED to be true which are just half lie.

For any scientist to sell you any piece of DNA hoax full result as true or push the age of any piece of rock he picked from the ground; as the Jewish love to fabricate, and purporting same to be 'billion years old'.. though he wasn't there abinitio; across to you as true; proves that the scientists initially must have prepared the grounds on you; in other to force you to BELIEVE, NOT KNOW EXHAUSTIVELY, what he or she is selling or pushing to you.

The same goes for any other thing out there you think today you may have known to be TRUE:

be it the moon landing, the Holocaust, the annual report of any cooperation, etc.

Extremes meet halfway and all paradoxes are reconcilable; more the reason pain is the last payment you receive in every pleasure that came your way and pleasure is hidden away in all pains that you embrace.

HEE is a Raven!

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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