Aug. 2, 2021



The Universal Law of Karma(Kama-lu/lord of Justice) is most superior to all emotional wishes of men, especially concerning the concept of: "repentance" and "forgiveness"! 

Unfortunately the provisions of that law stipulates rigidly: that all men must live patiently and strictly: "in accordance with the results of the examples they set forth"!

Ignorance of this hidden rule for sound life on earth is the bane of many and exactly what every man on earth is battling against or suffering from today!

We don't want to accept this hidden and immutable justice and therefore we scheme and plot and look for whom to blame or punish or put our frustrations on! 

The ramifications of this knowledge itself is humbling!

Put simply it says:

"You must reap what you sow"

{Gal.6:7 KJV}. CHi/God(Nature) can not be mocked or blamed or ridiculed or cheated or accused or refused or outsmarted ! 

Without this knowledge, trembling and fearing before the Laws or Words or the Commandments of the entity who is the creator of everything in this uwa(uniwerse) is a farce and a joke!

The Eke(kreator) who does not show himself or itself to any mortal requires filthy or trembling and fears from all mortals before any negotiations with his or it's spirit of forgiveness can be initiated.

This is called being broken or having a contrite heart!

The psalmist, the only man on earth after the creator's heart. Odumodu(David) knew this hidden principle and even though not one of his sins were forgiven him, after his medicine after death fasting and prayers under his basement then..., 

he was given the strength/grace to bear his restitutions patiently, maybe because he humbly asked for it !

Yet all his wives were raped openly on his roof in recompense of his own wicked secret deeds to Barthsheba (wife of Uriah).

But it didn't matter to him again because he knew the end of the whole truth! 

The hidden sword with which he used indirectly in the murder of Uriah 'did not depart from his own household': his children slaughtered themselves by their own hands, exactly as pronounced by the wise Nathan the prophet: but then again, these did not matter to David(Odumodu) too because maybe he asked for and was given the grace to withstood his vicissitudes or punishments or ordeals; and this power or wisdom for the obtaining of that grace, to patiently withstood your punishments when they come is what should matter to you if you got woken up by this publication!

But, unfortunately, the church with it's Jesus doctrines has deceived and destroyed you all and abait, they can perhaps usher in their new world order!

Hebrewism according to Hee: The ways of the lost but found ancient root HEBREWS(Eboes/Iboes) who are not called (Jews) is the new way yet it is the oldest!

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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