Mar. 12, 2022


Fulani people have AK 47, have you asked yourself who is in charge of small arms proliferation in West Africa?

Few days ago ipob began to carry theirs openly.

Now Yoruba people will have theirs too.

Very soon every local government in Nigeria will have its own warlords and everyone will pay each warlord tax before you can pass from their territory! 

Meanwhile foolish people following ipob think small arms proliferation in Nigeria is a healthy development.

Small arms na small arms my dear.

You never see anything!

You don't have any guns yet.

You can never have enough guns

so long as you buy it and not manufacture any yourself!

When violence and chaos artificially engulfs the whole place, then you will understand the international depopulation solution to the dilemma osibanjo presented.. about Covid19 orders and lockdowns not possibly working in Nigeria due to overpopulation. 

Then ipob and the rest of the local warlords would have sucked enough from you and evaporated into oblivion!

Then you will be begging for peace and the solution already prepared for idiots like you would be finally unleashed on you thoughtless individuals because already, the solution to your issues are already written down, the new world order is just waiting for the psychological moment to come!


Nothing can replace what is written already in the ancient oracles concerning this generation by the ancient Hebrew Izraelites. We have them unsealed already! 

It is possible to firmly establish yourself beyond any government imposed political or economic conditions on earth!

Very very possible! 

This possibility does not exist in biafranism.

Only Hebrewism can put you on that part.

It's a spiritual part that takes you beyond the mundane and drudgery earthly life if you really understand what Hebrewism is teaching. You must come into it with just yourself.

Nothing else is needed. 

There are many here who still don't understand Hebrewism and in private they are uncomfortable only with themselves because they know the truth was told to them and to everyone abinitio!

We salute you Mama Chayil Sava. (Account closed/deplatformed from FB)

Unfortunately this woman alone really got the key to unlocking a door in Hebrewism many folks are struggling to find. We say this to the shame of many. If you are not her student, you will be wasting your time here because we at the priesthood have wrapped up our teachings to everyone.

Please find her and follow her and possibly ask her to teach you all she learnt from Mama-Gihon! Very soon she too will retire but before she does, she will pass the baton to another. 

Not just learning from her and not practicing what you learnt! 

You must be upto the age.

You must forget yourself and everything you thought you knew before about CHWH JHWH YHWH or any spirituality.

You must trust CHWH alone to take care of you.

To get to this level, you must have struck your rock-bottom.

Ready to die and not even afraid of death.

Most people who still have a thousand dollars in their bank accounts or those who still have means of getting more from their former ways will never understand the deeper aspects of Hebrewism until they hit that rock bottom.

The earliest you key in now the better.

With Hebrewism you don't need the world.

It is this world that will need you eventually!

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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