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Without wasting much time, 

The Urim(A1AP[ancient one of ancient people] 

or the one obsessed with the divine: 'ink' and 'quill' has confirmed that:...


was from the compound word: 


which when defined in simple English means: "THE-ANCIENT-PEOPLE"...

In our ancient language: 

the word: "NDI":

could be defined in simple English as "THE-PEOPLE-OF"... 

but by some modern scholars who mainly were Europeans, especially the English-speaking people, 

"NDI": was mistaken to simply mean: 

just the definite article: 'THE' (ndi).

and in our tongue again: the word: "GBOO" simply means in English: 


Now "NDI" and "GBOO" put together gives us: "Ndi-gboo" or "NdiGbo" or Ndi-Igbo.. 

of course: "The-ancient-people".

Overtime, according to the Urim, spanning into some millions of years in European calendar; The word: "IGBO" has been deliberately and mistakenly subjected to several distortions and corruption.. especially from its original meaning, even in its pronunciation.

The original meaning as "ancient people" could still be found in some ancient manuscripts that survived till this day and we will quote extensively from some of them in this article.. and in a manner that will make it very easy for anyone interested in this discussion to find and understand.

Now, even as recently as the past two thousand years, jealous-people from other races and lands, who discovered the Igbos and their works firstly before others and had dealt and interacted with them, unfortunately developed some ulterior motives towards them and did conspire openly to distort the ancient-people's identity or steal it (together with their body of works) outrightly; so no one on earth, not even the ancient people themselves, could identify who on earth actually was the earth's most ancient or first people or tribe. Fortunately for the ancient people 

and fortunately for the rest of humanity 

(but unfortunately for those wicked and jealous races)...the true contents(ancient words) of the ancient manuscripts containing the ancient memories of the body of works of the ancient people, which were not just simply inspired and written by man's ordinary Will or wisdom, but by the Will of the mysterious creative CHi-force behind the creation of everything on earth, including "the-ink and the-quill device" used in the channeling of the ancient scripts...

...are still 60% intact and preserved till this very day.. even in the distorted and corrupted modern versions of the script.

They are still there unknown to many and we are struggling to make them available again to many of you interested in honest discussions about the lost ways of the ancient people!

Now the ancient people of course had few of them who had mastery in the use of: "The ink and the quill device" commonly known(corrupted) today as: 

"The 'Urim and the Thummim' Mystery".

Those few used the device to channel and write their ancient CHWH's inspired scripts or mind or Will concerning especially everything under the sun including the trajectory of their politics and communal well-being.

The mystery-device actually was called by the ancient people themselves as: 

"Uri na atumaka" 

and now in clear simple English, this translates to:  "The ink & the quill(or feathers).

The ancient-people's prototype of these items which of course were a writing-device was divine and mysterious in origin and work.

Where 'uri'{ink} is corrupted as "Urim" 

& 'atumaka'{quill} is corrupted as the "Thummim ''.

The names 'Urim and Thummim' are today fake Hebrew names given by fake and jealous people who  speak Aramaic(a version of Arabic) which they dubbed Yiddish(Ashkenazi) which is nothing but a pidgin and a mixture of Arabic and some lost martian tongues... who also think they are children of Jewish(JHuWHus) but are not according to Revelations 2&3:9 KJV. Who knows who they are and who they serve!

The most ancient manuscript we shall extensively use in this work will be none other…than the scripture also called the Bible by Europeans. Unfortunately the original and ancient manuscripts of the book have been heavily and deliberately distorted into unrecognizable versions by those same entities in their attempt to achieve their nefarious purpose...but unknown to them... the mystery words hidden in the book are still preserved even in the worst versions of the book, badly distorted but only to be recognized by the Urim.

Now for the purposes of this expose, 

we shall recommend you a version: 

The King James authorized version(KJV) for use.

We recommend that version because it is our understanding that though majority of the people have been conditioned to trust in the books various versions yet according to the present Urim only the KJV is better than the rest of their versions and we therefore are constrained to only quote extensively from it throughout the duration of this expose!

The CHi-force behind the mystery of the Urim(a communication device) has been described as PROPHETIC in utterance, yet we dare warn you that the Urim is an oraculum in nature!

Meaning that its pronouncements are divinely inspired and are not easily fallible even with the passage of time!

In retrospect, the book of Psalms, in one of it's pronouncements which came from the Urim device in ancient times, captures, through the writings of it's author, the very ancient CONSPIRACY to completely destroy and distort the identity of who actually are the ancient-people from all the surviving races and tribes of this earth and the effects of that conspiracy is still in existence even till this very moment.

In that book of Psalms at chapter 83:2-5 using the KJV, you will find the evidence (rather in a manner badly mangled and distorted)..., that no one could decipher the actual people being spoken of in the entirety of the book....

Psalm 83:2-5 KJV

For, lo, thine enemies make a tumult: 

and they that hate thee have lifted up the head.

3: They have taken crafty counsel against thy (ancient)people, and consulted against thy HIDDEN-ones...


("taken crafty counsel.. and consulted against.." is a reference to 'conspiracy') 

("..thy hidden ones" points to the fact that originally there was a temporary but divine arrangement to lower the capacity and ability of the ancient people.. so they could remain hidden from the rest of the world's people for as long as is possible.. 

Though not indefinitely, a larger population of the other races on earth called heathens and gentiles by the ancient-people themselves may have the opportunity to be grafted into the 'book-of-life' given to the ancient-people for the benefit of everyone on earth.

4: They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation(of their own); 

that their name: {ancient-people} 

[substituted with another name... Israel] 

may be no more in remembrance(understood).

(before now... all the nomenclatures in the entire scripture has no intrinsic meaning in any language spoken by any race on earth not even to the so called Hebrews or Aramaic or Ashkenazi or Yiddish or Jewish: which is nothing but a fake or artificial or invented or created language sponsored by the rothschilds and the rest of the banking cartels that run the libral and the satanic agenda of 'rules-based world order' on earth)

5: For they have consulted(conspired) together with one consent: they are confederate(conspirators) against thee: (here you get confused not knowing exactly unto whom this address was meant for: a people or their creator: the deceptive writing techniques there were deliberately orchestrated to keep the world guessing but not the Urim and his followers)

A lot of you reading this right now maybe highly taken aback or even feel embarrassed or feel being intellectually challenged, especially when you consider the fact that we are trying to insinuate here that Igbos have something to do with ancient Izraelites when the opposite was what you learnt in your various schools from your childhood until now, sorry if we seem to be breaking your bubble.

There's more shocking insight for you. 

Number one is that everything you know in this world concerning maybe current affairs, history, religion and spirituality or science are all lies.

For example, The lying Europeans or Spaniard Mungo Park did not discover the Niger River and Mr. Columbus didn't discover America, but teachers received payment from you to teach you such crap…

There are many such craps all over the world you have been brainwashed with and if you patiently follow us, we will show you all of them and you will be the judge yourself.

Now, never mind that there is a white race out there already recognized in Palestine since 1948 or the end of the second world War as Isrealie people. They are not! They are nothing but a nation or race of imposters and liars! We therefore want to impress upon you...that all of our assertions here are no insinuations but the truth deliberately hidden away from you!

Our position is the hidden fact(truth) and we are going to prove that Igbos are the core of ancient iZrael using just only the name: {NDIGBOO} as {the-Igbos} and it's true English translation: "The ancient-people''. So please pay apt attention now!


If you are not parochial and you are broadminded or you are not pro-biafra or pro-odinala(omenala) even pro(church etc), please continue reading.

What you are about to read here.. 

is a sample of what the modern foundation of the ways of the ancient-people (Hebrewism/Igboism) as referenced in the oracles of Jeremiah at 6:16 KJV is all about and we quote!

Jeremiah 6:16 KJV

Thus saith the creator CHi-FORCE.. , 

Stand ye now in the broad ways 

(confusion from different religious ideologies) 

(then pay attention), 

(just) ask(inquire) for(about) the old-path/way (Hebrewism/Igboism) (which) is the good way, 

and walk therein, (that) ye (may) find rest(peace) for your souls. But they(heathens) already in their heart have said: no! We will not walk therein.

Jeremiah 18:15 KJV

Because my ancient people (nd'IGBO'o) hath forgotten me, they too have burned incense to vanity, and they too have caused others to stumble in this way: from the ancient people's path(Hebrewism) 

to walk in other ways (other religions), not cast up(not acceptable to heaven).


To be continued.....

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