April 16, 2022


Unfortunately these lost children of this generation never really understood the his-storic technicalities of their enemy's (European) biblical misconceptions of such words as:

Israel(umu-Ezelu: (children of the king of heaven),

Jews/Jewish/Yiddish: (umu-CHWH:(children of JHWH)

JHWH/YHWH: (CHWH: God-biggest/Almighty/Greatest) 

Judah/Judea: (umu-Ojiuda:(Sceptre/Temple/Alter bearers)

Aaron: (aARO: the priestly clan of the ancient people) 

Leviticus/Leviticu: (iwu-CHuWHu/:law of God-Almighty

Jacob: (Chikobu:CHWH is what he is/I am what I am)

Abram/Abraham: (Abiama: when you come, you will learn)

Hebrew: (Eboe/Ibo/Igbo/NdiGboo/Negroe(ancient-people)

Melchizedek: (Chimeledikeze: warrior-king ordained by God) 

Noah: (Nnoaha/Nnauwa: Father of everyone on earth)

Cain: (kalu/kamalu/kamalu-uzu/karma: Justice/Thunder) 

Abel: (Ebule: male of a sheep/companion of justice Thunder) 

Seth: (ise/isee/Ase: fifth person; inventor of the pentagram) 

AdamEve: (oDuMeZe: Lion king. Half man/Lion; The sphinx)

Jesus/JESU's/iESU's/iESUA:iHE'CHi'UWA(Light of the world) 

Messiah(Omeziala/Odoziobodo:Restorer of the land/kingdom)

Mary/Maria: Amara(favor/favorite of CHWH amongst women)

I-chabod: (Ike-obodoai: The Strength/power of our land)

Esek(Esem-oku: quarrel/strive with others Genesis 26'20KJV)

JHWH-Jire/Jehovah-jire: (CHWH/CHuWHu-nyere: God provides)

Etc etc

They never quite grabbed the sense and logic of when and where and how to apply each of those European misconceptions! If you do not understand Igbo: only Reincarnation must help you. The scripture is not meant for you but for the Elects only and you can't go far without the Elect.

Salvation is not of Jesus but of the Elect tribe: Hebrew Izraelites or Eboe-umu-Ezelu bloodline of Chikobu!

See John 4'22bKJV. iHE'CHi'UWA(iESUA) said so Himself. 

They are still busy literally reading the Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos Igbos NdiGboos Nigoos Negroes Nigers Negus Bible

like and as a literature book! 

Titus 1:13 IKV (KJV) 

This witness is saying the truth. 

Therefore you shall be rebuked sharply,

that ye may be sound in the doctrine of Hebrewism; 

Titus 1:14-16 IKV (KJV) 

We do not give heed to Jewish fabrications

(camp false dogtrines about Judah/Judahism),

Nor to the commandments of men of Rome(Europeans/churchians talking about supersessionism), that turn from The Truth(Hebrewism).

15: Unto those who KNOW(not believe),

all things pure shall remain pure: 

but unto those that are defiled

who claim to be believers,

and not knowers, is nothing pure!

even their mind and conscience is defiled

in the Right hand of falsehood!

16: For they profess that they know CHWH (CHi{God} Almighty) 

but it is Baal(sun-god) that they know! 

because in works

actually, they deny CHWH JHWH YHWH OKIKE ABIAMA,

being abominable themselves,

and also disobedient children: 

In short unto every good work...

They, simply put, are reprobates!

The ancient people's Language shall soon be lifted into international prominence! But not before the tyranny of the NWO goons hit its shits out of many of you who refuse the rule of iwu-CHWH(Leviticus)! 

Zephaniah 3:9 KJV 

For then(in the future) will I RE-turn to the ancient people a pure(purified) language: that they may all call upon the name of TMH CHWH, to serve HIM with one mind and one consent.

Change of language is one of the most difficult psychological or spiritual things to engage in, but no computer can be rightly reformatted without the radical change of its corrupted foundational language! Many of you who wouldn't accept the new language CHANGE will have to reincarnate! Forget about Paleo-Hebrew. They never got it right! 



The Priesthood of Eferemiri(Ephraim) 

[Those who crossed over waters: 2 ESDRAS 13 40 KJV]

Central Temple of CHWH,

Anedogates Sanctuaries®️: 

Headquarters: Beyond the Rivers of Ethiope and Niger

{Zephaniah 3'10KJV} NdigboLand(NegroLand/Nigeria)

West Africa(Subsahara).