Jul. 29, 2020



There’s this popular saying in Hebrewland (Iboeland), subSahara Gihon-Africa that everyone has the secret but it’s de secret itself that knows who has it. (In Igbo it goes something like this: Onye o bula ji ofor ma na ofor ma Onye ji ya).

So it is with us and all these CAMPS who’re out there still confusing the children of IZRAEL - including all the churchianity denominations (which prophet Daniel referred to as abominations set-up), not to mention all the other religion(s) of the world.

Well, we’re here to announce to everyone that these camps ain’t got nothing on the global subSahara awakening Hebrews centered in the original land of Eden specifically at Anedogates beyond the rivers of Ethiope and Niger! Zeph 3:10

Ask the “kharzarian Jewish” who still to this day come to Igboland yearly to renew their khabala ritual to Bahomet their lifeless deity. They know where the secret is and who has it but funnily enough they’re chasing it all in the wrong places 

However as the saying goes, “fool me once, you win but to fool me twice? The joke indeed is on me.” Ndigboo (the Hebrews) cannot be fooled twice especially since the strength of our nation (ike obodai .. anyi, translated to you as Ichabod) is back and in tact. CHWH Okike Abiama is in charge as He gradually sends out revelations upon revelations through the sealed Book and through our Urim Priest.

Here’s Hosea 3:4-5

4: For the children of Izra’el shall abide many days without a king, (that’s where the phrase “Igbo enweghi Eze,” meaning Igbos have no king came from) without a prince, (no prime minister) and without a sacrifice, (no Passover feast) and without an image, (no National flag) and without an ephod, (No Priest) and without teraphim: (no external Urim intelligence)!

And would you believe it that it has indeed remain the same since that prophecy was given to the prophet and since the SPLIT of the Northern and Southern kingdoms of Izra’el under Jeroboam (North) and Rehoboam (South).
Then ... the prophet continues ..
5: Afterward (after those thousands of elapsed years) shall the children of IZRAEL return, and seek CHWH Okike Abiama their Chi, and David (Odumodu) their king; and shall fear CHWH and His goodness in the latter days.

So ..What do you think is happening now? 😳

THAT’S WHERE WE ARE, folks! But only very few will get this tho ..

There’s a Priest with an Urim intelligence in the midst and the promised return is happening as all the puzzles are gradually falling into place. So someone should send the message to all those still led blindly by their CAMPS that the real McCoys have come to the rescue.

In other words, if you have been following our teachings since we have been presenting them, you ought to have learned enough to know that we have the secret (aka the knowledge etc) which you have been seeking. No “you’re not in Kansas anymore.” We’re in a whirlwind of drastic, biblical unsealing. So it’s time to wake up and grab the knowledge as they’re presented.

Don’t get left behind due to sheer and unnecessary stubbornness.

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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