Jul. 1, 2020


 Izra’el has 4 levels of sleep (aka amnesia):

Level 4

These are the ones who’ve gotten it (understood the teachings of Hebrewism as the true Way to the kingdom) and are now grudgingly leaving their previous and useless indoctrination but coming along with some eagerness. They like the freshness of the teachings of Hebrewism. They share it as well though some of them are still hesitant to do what is necessary (1. the NYOSA - self cleansing thru separation and 2. setting up their tent of Shem aka Ebubedike) in order to be a part of the 144,000.

They’re still in shock with regards to why they were duped with a bunch of falsities all these years. They know deep down that this is the knowledge they have been searching for all their lives. They’re the ones pointing everyone else to the “Gold” which they have discovered but the MANY are not yet paying attention. This awakening group are now finding out how frustrated Noah (Nnaoha) must’ve been as he sounded the alarm back in those days.

Level 3

These are the ones who even though they know that the awakening Hebrews have gotten the truths of the true Way to teach them, but because they’re so into their CAMP mentality and indoctrination, they find it quite difficult to leave and join the truth. Remember the rich fellow whom iESUA Nazareth told to go and sell all he had and follow Him? This level of sleep is where these ppl belong to.

They will not sell that CAMP indoctrination to follow the TRUTH presented to them. There’s so much money at stake here for them to give up on. They’re also the ones calling CHWH all sorts of abominable names: Yahuah, Yahusha, Yasharalah, Yahweh, Yahdayada etc. They ridiculously think that they’re from the tribe of Judah prolly because iESUA Nazareth was from there. Who knows?!

They’re drunk with the version given to them by the khazarian Hebrew copiers - the ones who claim to be Jews but are not. Rev 2:9 & 3:9. They’re the ones who’re busily teaching them a FAKE Hebrew language. For example, they know all about ABrAM (Abiama), Isaac (ishiaku) and Jacob (Chikobu) but are clueless as to what those names mean.

Level 2

These are the ones who’re completely stuck in the teachings of churchianity along with their faith and believe systems of indoctrination. They believe that whatever Massa said in that book is the unadulterated truth. Their Stockholm syndrome weighs heavily on them and it is absolutely irreversible. They won’t obey the Decalogue or keep the weekly Shihabbatha (Sabbath) because Massa has told them to worship on the first day of the week which is “Sun”days which also is Baal’s day instead of the 7th day (Saturdays) when CHWH rested.

To them the law has been “done away with” by the killing of the Omeziala (the Messiah). Or rather they falsely claim that He died for their sins already and are forever hoping that He will someday part the clouds and return again to rescue them from the wiles of Satan on Earth. You dare not mess with their Massa-given white Jesus or they will curse you out.

They’re the cross wearers who adorn themselves with it as a symbol of how devout they are and of course how holier than thou they are as well. All of them pastors, fake prophets, African miracle performers and churchianity screaming gatherings all belong in this group of sleeping sickness.

Level 1

Of course these are the ones who’ve completely given up on anything to do with the Bible and G-d (CHWH/JHWH/YHWH - Chi Almighty) as the Force of creation. They’re seriously into Egyptology, kemet, Horus, Iris even astrology and Carbon 666 etc etc.

They’re the ones telling you that you’re your own “god” and some of them adore the woman as god etc etc. They’re the completely lost of Izra’el all because they could not see themselves in the story presented to them by their captors. They have completely given up on CHWH and become diehard Atheists.

So there you have them (the stubborn of Izra’el), but hear CHWH out as He laments :

2 Chronicles 7:14

“14 If my ancient people (Ndigboo), which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will hea(restore) their land{kingdom/heritage}.”

Chialoma Umu CHWH (Shalom children of ChuWHu)

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