Are you still missing out on the real good news that’s coming from the SubSaharan Hebrew enclave of Gihon/Africa? Folks I am hooked and so should you our lost Hebow Hebrew-Izra’el. How else would I have learned these things were it not for a CHWH ordained Hebrew Urim Priest whom we’ve come to fondly know as HEE! (His Eminence Eldeziella).

* How else would I have learned the missing vowel (U) in the Tetragrammaton JHWH/YHWH/CHWH?

* How else would I have learned that the name Melchizedek is a mangled European translation of Hebow’s (Igbo’s)... “Chi Melu Dike Eze'' juxtaposed and meaning “CHWH ordained Priest!”

* How else would I have learned that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were mangled from the Hibo/Hebrew names Abiama (bringer of good news), Ishiaku (head of wealth) and Chikobu (He is CHWH)!

* How else would I have learned that Jehovah Jireh was mangled from the Igbo phrase CHWH Nyere Or Chi Nyere?

* How else would I have known the Hebrew’s trail from Samaria (2 Kings 17:1-end) to Egypt (yes we built the pyramids!), to the modern day Hebrew enclave in the Sub Saharan (specifically Zeph 3:10) from whence they were scattered to the rest of the world including the Americas and West Indies! 

* How else would I have known that we’re living in the biblical end of days as prophesied by prophet Daniel. Dan 12:4 “4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end:” (which is where we are now) “when many shall run to and fro, (with their hand held gadgets) and knowledge shall be increased.”

* Tell me how else I would’ve known that the name Izra’el means a whole lot more than just saying it and being one. Izra’el = Nzere elu! Yes there’s a process of becoming a revered one of Izra’el which some have attained the title Nze or an Nze-rite (Nazarite/Nazareth). Remember iESUA Nazareth? That’s why we call Him - Nze Ihechiuwa. 

* Tell me how I would’ve known that the natural dreadlock cast is a very powerful reincarnation attribute!

* Tell me how I would’ve known that they replaced iESUA Nazareth with the gentile name Jesus! The inscription on the cross says INRI = iESUA Nazareth Ra iehuddah. Where the hell then did they get the damn generic name “Jesus” from? The inscription is not JNRJ. Is it? So why follow the Gentiles to call CHWH Okike a false name?

* How else would I have known that iESUA means Ihechiuwa in its root Hebrew/Ibo/Igbo pronunciation? Ihe (light of) Chi (YHWH/JHWH/CHWH to the) Uwa (world). 

* How else would I have known that the salvation of the world is of the Hebrews/Hebows/Ibos!... NOT the modern day false Jews. Notice how they falsely and conveniently inserted Jews instead of the real McCoys (Hebrews) in John 4:22... because they don’t want you to know who you are in the scheme of things. 

* How else would I have known that the Aros of modern day Igbos are the descendants of Aaron the brother of RaMoses.

* How else would I have known that the name DaviD came from Odumodu narrowed and written in consonants by our Hebrews ancestors as DMD...(DIVID = DAVID). 

* How else would I have known that the word Armageddon which the world has been throwing around ever since anyone can remember that it simply means the “war of lions” translated by the Europeans from “Agha Umu Odum”.. an Igbo speaking person will figure it out that the name Armageddon was mangled from Agha Umu Odum. Even the name Abbadon came from Igbos “Igbudu” as in a set trap. 

* How else would I have known that the secret to happiness on Tera/Earth is a return to the perpetual laws of CHWH (the Decalogue) given to RaMoses on mount Horeb/Sinai? BUT they stupidly told everyone that the law has been done away with and replaced by their killing of the law giver Himself. It is simply so absurd and totally illogical for them to assume that CHWH made a mistake! It’s only those who love their Worldly sins that reject it as too difficult to keep but therein lies the secret to real life!

* How else would I have known that the exclamation which the entire world now uses to seal a prayer came from the Hebrew/Ibo word “Amu” = Hamu = Hamen = Amen. Our patriarch Abiama was the first to use it to remind CHWH about his self circumcision. Amu in Igbo is penis! So don’t just exclaim words like the Gentiles do without knowing their roots. Ask questions/research. 

* How else would I have known that the word “sabbath” originated from the command “shi ha bata” in Igbo/Hebrew which means tell them to come inside...CHWH’s command to RaMoses for the  Hebrews on mount Horeb 7000 yrs ago. 

* Even the word Shalom came from Hebrew’s (Igbo’s) Chialoma (light of CHWH on our beautiful land/paradise). 

* And so, with all these and so many other eye-popping revelations from our Priest, (HEE), I’ve come to know a lot and still yearn for more. At our Hebrew Nation restoration mandate from CHWH, we do know. WE DO NOT Believe. For example we know that CHWH is our Father. We don’t believe it like CHURCHIANS DO that He is. If you have to believe it, that means you’re not sure. If you know who your earthly father is, do you go to him and say “I believe that you’re my father?” Of course you won’t say that to him because you know for certain that he’s your father. That’s exactly how it is with the Hebrews/Ibos/Igbos and CHWH Okike Abiama. Stop allowing the gentiles to tell you to believe in CHWH! Rediscovering His laws allows Him to show you for certain what you should’ve known - NOT believe! 

* “We speak of and worship who we KNOW. Ye worship whom ye know not” - (iESUA Nazareth 33 AD)

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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