Jul. 7, 2020


92 Numbers 6:5 - The Nzerite (NAZA-RITE)  letting his hair grow during his separation.

All the days of the vow of his separation there shall no razor come upon his head: until the days be fulfilled, in the which he separateth himself unto CHWH, he shall be holy, and shall let the locks of the hair of his head grow.

93 Numbers 6:18 – Nzerite (NAZA-RITE) completing vow shaves his head and brings sacrifice.

And the Nzerite shall shave the head of his separation at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, and shall take the hair of the head of his separation, and put it in the fire which is under the sacrifice of the peace offerings.

94 Deuteronomy 23:21 - On that a man must honor his oral vows and oaths.

When thou shalt vow a vow unto CHWH thy Most High and Almighty, thou shalt not slack to pay it: for CHWH thy Most High and  Almighty will surely require it of thee; and it would be sin in thee.

95 Numbers 30:8 - On that a judge can annul vows, only according to NDUORAH (Torah).

But if her husband disallowed her on the day that he heard it; then he shall make her vow which she vowed, and that which she uttered with her lips, wherewith she bound her soul, of none effect: and CHWH OKIKE shall forgive her.

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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