Aug. 9, 2020


Ancient Semantics: Enquiry into the Etymology of ancient words and Languages is the key to unlocking Hebrew-Epistemology: Elohim Eloha Allah Allahu Aliens and Angels concept reconnected back to you!

The Yiddish(Aramaic) term "Elohìm" (is a masculine plural term, in the singular it is just "El"; it's feminine form is "Eloha") This is a much debated concept and in the debate the following is mine!

In the Arabic world, the term Elohim(Eloha) has become Alah(singular) Allahu(plural).

Generally speaking "Allah" means: "gentlemen" or "guardians" but it also means: "shining".

The entity attributed to this term is said to be "divine".
In some other places Elohim, Eloha, Allah, Allahu has become "Angels" associated also to as the children of god or gods.

Today the ancient Yiddish term "Elohim" is not just being referred to by Arabs as "Allahu", it is also being referred to, in the western world, as "Aliens". A more modern form that is seen as scientific or upto date!

But one phenomenon remains constant. Humans have been moved to venerate or worship these entities as "gods"(plural gods).

Some tribes or school of taught do not confuse god(lower case) with God(upper case).
They insist that the uppercase God is the Absolute One or the absolute All or the absolute All in One.

Their other notions about the upper case God is that HE is the Premodial or First Cause, or that HE is the transcendental God of absolute spirituality. You get the drift.

The Elohìm or Allahu or Aliens have also been argued to be the ones who created the pantheons in the different terrestrial civilizations known and unknown.

The terms(names) are always unequally and differently defined and applied in different civilizations and at different times concerning these entities which some still think are also deities.

But we didn't see the 'Anak' term in this write-up.
The 'Anunak' spin also must be brought in, very important. Or you overlook a very important facts of their fallen_status.

The term Anunaki known by the Hebrews Hebows Hibos Ibos Igbos Ndigboo Nigoo Negroe Niger #ancient_people Isaiah 47'6KJV as "AnunuCHi" and transcribed in English as "God's birds" are throughout Hebrews' cosmology painted as mere servants of the One and only Most High called also by the Eboes as CHWH or JHWH or YHWH; in English "God-Almighty/Mightiest" and as such, they are either good servants or they are rebellious(evil) servants who because of their hatred to any form of obedience to any type of law, are either thrown off the Most High's kingdom or are imprisoned in some places they can't easily escape.
A 3 dimensional terrestrial(correctional) world(facility) as this would be a perfect prison. You can now figure out why there's never any agreement on anything on earth because there is no absolute knowledge in anything we see here if not speculative nonsense!

Please obey the law of life on earth Hebrews.

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Udo Chialoma,
All praises to CHi Almighty for confirmation.

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